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Pride From So Many People!


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* "It was like guiding a rabid dog home."

Journalist Ian Hargraves when asked by Howard Kendall to keep an eye out for Pat Van den Hauwe on a flight home from pre-season.


* "I think he's Uranian."

Gordon Lee. when asked what was Imre Varadi's nationality. Making Varadi the first player to be signed from another planet.


* “When I signed, I was told I was going to be the first of many big money signings. Someone was telling fibs”.

John Collins. 1999 after abandoning a life of luxury in Monaco for Merseyside.


* “We probably hated him more than the fans. He blatantly stole results from us on more than one occasion”

Bob Latchford on referee Clive Thomas.


* “That’s a home win and an away draw inside four days. We’ve only got one more game in November, and if we win that, I’m in grave danger of becoming Manager of the month."

Mike Walker. Four days before EFC sacked him in November 1994.


* "I'm a hush puppy now."

Howard Kendall. After being called 'A young pup' by fill your own fans in, Brian Clough.


* "I made my début at Goodison against Stoke and was standing in the tunnel waiting to go onto the pitch. Z cars started playing on the PA and I heard the crowd roar. If I could bottle a moment and save it forever, then that would be it."

Alan Harper


* "I was in the crowd when Bob Latchford scored a penalty in the last minute, there was a mass invasion of the pitch and I was one of those who ran on."

Derek Mountfield


* "I usually just put one finger up signaling a goal, but, it being the kop end, two fingers automatically went up. I got hauled up in front of the FA and I was like Ted Rogers trying to go from two fingers to one and trying to convince them it wasn't a v-sign."

Kevin Sheedy


* "I've been a bluenose all my life and always will be. I'm a very proud and privileged man to be able to say that. "

Derek Mountfield


* "I have the honour of being the most successful manager in the history of Everton Football Club, one of the greatest and the biggest clubs in the world."

Howard Kendall


* "Football was never the same for me after I left Everton and although I always wanted to win, losing never really seemed to hurt anymore."

Kevin Ratcliffe


* "Andy Gray is an ugly bastard in the morning and I can vouch for that because I've slept with him a few times."

John Bailey


* "I have not been short of invitations to other clubs and have been received more warmly by Everton than I have by liverpool."

Bill Shankly after his retirement.


* "You couldn't write a story like this - a village team from Wales playing the European champions. I would have preferred to get someone a lit bit easier so we could still be in when the big clubs like Everton come in in the third round"

TNS boss Ken McKenna, a lifelong Everton fan


* "Everton are a bigger club than Liverpool. Everywhere you go on Merseyside you bump into Everton supporters."

Graeme Souness


* "The way the club look after their ex-players, the way the ex-players come back and talk so highly of the supporters and the club, the way their supporters treat their players, it's really one big circle here, it's never-ending and I think once you're in the circle, there's no way out of it, I think you're stuck with it and....I'm certainly in that circle now"

Moyesy on The Granada Programme June 2003.


* "Once Everton has touched you nothing will be the same"

Alan Ball


* "I used to stick the ball in the net and bow three times to the kop. They never liked me doing that.

Dixie Dean


* "I came to Everton to win."

Andy gray


* "I usually just put one finger up signaling a goal, but it being the kop end, two fingers automatically went up. I got hauled up in front of the FA and I was like Ted Rogers trying to go from two fingers to one and trying to convince them it wasn't a v-sign.

Kevin Sheedy


*"Ladies and gentlemen today we are joined by a man who ranks amongst the greatest there is, Shakespeare, Rembrandt and Bach, this man is Dixie Dean"

Bill Shankly on Dixie Dean. Dixie was a guest of Honour at a Radio Merseyside Function on the Lunchtime of the Mersey Derby in 1981.

As everyone remembers it was the last time Dixie Dean attended a match at Goodison as he died there a few hours later. Rumour had it that Dixie was so touched by the appraisal of Shankly that Both he and Shankly were reduced to tears of emotion as Dixie took to the stage in his wheelchair.


*"One Blue Is Worth Twenty Reds"

Everton legend Brian Labone.


*"Everton are the peoples club in Liverpool. The people on the street support Everton."

David Moyes on the day he joined Everton.


*"Disappointing ..."

Walter Smith, after the game with (take your pick).


* When we came out for the second half against Bayern Munich the roar literally made my hair stand on end.

Derek Mountfield


*“So much has been made of Wayne – the fact is, we shall have to use him at the right times. Sometimes he wants to win the game all on his own and someday he might be capable of it, but he’s still only 16 and has a lot to do. At his age, we can’t expect him to carry Everton Football Club on his shoulders."

Everton Manager, David Moyes on Wayne Rooney.


*"I'd break every bone in my body for any club I play for but I'd die for Everton"

Dave Hickson


*"Now Zidane, easily outstripped by Gravesen.''

ITV's Jon Champion @ Denmark v France World Cup Match 2002.


*"Lloyd McGrath is lucky he's not running in a gelding plate now. That tackle was so high it was very nearly a squeaky - voice job."

John Sillett, Coventry manager, on a challenge by Dave Watson,1987.


*"..with Manchester City it was a love affair, but with Everton it's more like a marriage''

Howard Kendall.


*"I hear Big Fergie likes a few pints, loves to stay out late and chase the birds and gives a bit of lip in training; in my book he has all the ingredients of a good footballer."

Jim Baxter on Duncan Ferguson.


*"I taught football to him not as a game, but as a way of life."

Alan Ball Senior on his son, 1972.

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