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The Official Liverpool Appreciation Thread

Guest Reg Reagan

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Guest Reg Reagan

For Manchester United fans there is no more hated team than this lot. The team that dominated the late 70's and 80's before the success disappeared up their arses in the 90's has a long history of rivalry with Manchester United. In the 1990's United have really rubbed the Scousers noses in it by winning relentlessly while "Pool" as nobody calls them, have sunk like a lead monkey into the brown sea of mediocrity. The rabid celebration at their 2-2 "Cup final" draw with United at Anfield in 1999 showed how far they had fallen.


Liverpool have become like an incontinent geriatric relative who sits in the corner and whines on endlessly about his past glories in the war. Liverpool fans are so utterly desperate for success to the extent it clouds all reasoning. Look at the way their laughable "Treble" in 2001 was hyped up and how at the start of every season they say "We are back!!!!!" yet come May they are no better off than the previous season. They cannot accept that their day of domination has long gone and past victories are quickly fading into dust.


Few Liverpool fans will even agree that United are even a good team, they never give United any credit for any of the team's recent achievements, because it "does not match what Liverpool done in the 80's". The bitterness is based upon denial and bitter jealousy, of course.


While Liverpool had all that success in the past who was still the biggest club in England? Despite languishing in the old 2nd division for a season and only winning 3 trophies between 1968 and 1990, who was the most supported, most famous the world over? Manchester United!!! And why is this? Why did Liverpool not take over from United as English football's top club?


The answer is, that when you get right down to it, football is all about entertainment. Winning isn't everything and quality counts more than quantity. Liverpool where/still are, a dull and often cynical team to watch, wereas United have always tried to play exciting, attacking football. It does'nt always work or bring trophies but when it works.........well we all know what its like to see Manchester United in full flow don't we?


Liverpool have never had the flying wingers of United like Best, Giggs, Kanchelskis, Coppell and Hill. They have never had one player that could ever be described as a genius like Best or Cantona, players that capture the imagination of supporters the world over. The name "Manchester United" conjures up images of exciting, stylish, magical football, outrageous comebacks, drama and controversy.


The name "Liverpool" makes you think of crushingly dull success in the 70/80's and their passing game but there's not a lot of really inspiring stuff. Look at the disgracefully negative attitude they had throughout the UEFA Cup in 2001 and Champions League in 2005. They won it, but without style or flair that will be remembered in 20 years time. In short they bored the crap out of everybody and played to the lowest common demoninator. In 1990 Liverpool where League champions and the 90's looked like another great decade for them, yet within 3 years United were champions and the rest is history. Success must never be taken for granted and Fergie won't be around much longer to ensure the pre-eminence of the Old Trafford empire. Football can be a cruel, vicious monkey, it can throw its best friend out of the tree while handing free banana's to its deadly rival. However, United's wealth and world power is such that while Liverpool might win a trophy every so often, the dark days of total Liverpool domination are gone for good.....are'nt they?

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