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Wayne Rooney Winter Olympian..!

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Rooney On Ice......Can't believe the media hasn't made more of the Uber Kid's Torino exploits.


Stand up one & All, salute what could be the reign of the greatest Britton ever?



Wayne Rooney receives &

hold's aloft with pride,

The 2006 Torino games

supreme ice skater's trophy






Well in Wayne......................... :P:P:P




P.s As thought & pre disclosed in prior contract details...CEO Keith Winbag, has reluctantly informed Billbo Baggins to cancel the Monday morning pastie order, as what was belived to be small print was actually Strettfords old crumpled racing guide & the club will infact recieve "NO CASH REWARDS" for Rooney's Torino exploits via the Manc coffers.


As was expected or at least Really, really hoped for by the Castle grey skull Number Guessers.

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