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Reports Saying Viduka

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Aother bad move here...........................




"Rivals enter midfielder race Mon, Feb 27 2006 11:49

Everton will have to fight off interest from both Liverpool and West Ham if they are to land transfer target Jimmy Bullard from Wigan."



This is one of many players i wrote to the club about when he played for Peterborough, as did Mathew Etherington and Simon Davies.


Bullard went for £200,000, and Davies & Etherington went for £500.000 each, How much would it cost to buy these now. Davies cost us £4 mill i think .


Davy Wont take a chance on lower leagues, anyway who would you leave out to play bullard................we dont need anymore m/fielders,

for gods sake concentrate on strikers.

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I agree TL midfield is not that much a worry at the moment as think we have a decent midfield with


Arteta, Cahill, Davies, Kilbane, Osman, VDM, Mcfadden, Carsley and Neville (and maybe some I am forgetting)


Bring in strikers and maybe some defenders with a goalie and if have money left after and cheap enough maybe then some versitle midfielders like Neville

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Viduka made mention in the Oz press...yet even during that tid bit I saw, he ended up talking about money. Not greedilly, but in regards to staying in england & that a contract here is that & ya get paid prop on time etc.


Here ill find the piece & link



When you go to other places, sometimes the players are not being paid, they are struggling. In England, if you've got a contract, everything is black and white."


Nice to hear, yet the article was sposed to be about how despo Viduka was for a move away etc from Boro...Yet himself turned it to the moolah topic direction.


May have read wrongly between the lines, but seems a bit egotistical, selfish & defo mo0ney orienatted.


Plus being well past his best use by date makes the Big V look even less attractive.

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