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Ronaldinho Linked To Chel$ki

Guest Reg Reagan

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Guest Reg Reagan

Looks like chelski have there petty cash ready to get ronaldinho for 45million...


Ronaldinhos goal and style was the diference that beat them last nite but Leon Osmans goal was far better than ronaldinhos...


honestly... chelskis time will come and they will be back to were they were before abromavich bought them... keeping their heads above water to stay alive

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I don't see what the point would be in barcelona selling ronaldinhio whatever his price.


they could get 100 million for him but it wouldn't do them any good because he's the player that makes the difference that can win them things. they couldn't improve on him with the money they'd get from selling him.

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Thoguht he said he would never join Chelski.


Picture the scene.


Everton vs Chelski Goodison park


Everton Corner. Ferguson in the box. Ferg and the buck tooth one challange for the ball. Ronald catches Ferg with an arm and then looks at him with his Cheshire cat grin to which Ferg replies how???


1) Smiles back and shakes the man hand for a good tough challange

2) Ferg waits til the next time and does the same back to him

3) Ferg does the same he did to the West Brom player however aiming for the face instead of the gut and makes an improvement to his looks??


Answers on a postcard

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do you think he will join a club like Everton??? :lol:

don't dream too much....toffee fan's, you are not even a force in the epl... :lol:   :lol:



We are being sarcastic!


By the way you sad fool we dont call it the EPL in this country so get back to baseball or basket ball or whatever it is you play in school!!!


And if you don't understand that let me put it into terms you might understand.


F@ck off

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