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What Do You Do ?


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Everytime i log onto the forum to check that everything is okay the same old names are logged in and posting and playing on the Arcade, so it got me thinking what do you all do to earn a living.


Personally i work for a telecom's company called Opal Telecom in Manchester.

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Dont do anything, after 50 years of working, and keeping the government, i now let them keep me................retired, and loving it.


PS, SOME GREAT PLAY AND SOME GREAT GOALS IN THE GAME ON SATURDAY. Also went to my oldest brothers birthday bash at The Head of Steam, lime st.

his sons and daughters put on a great DOO, and how is this for a Cake.







A great weekend. ;)

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...a fine cake!!


I am..or was for twenty years..a sound engineer by profession (once, many moons ago, did some work for BK :P ), then a short stint as full time drunk :blink: followed by self employed lorry driving (logical career path I'm sure you'll agree), part time addiction counsellor (poacher turned gamekeeper :D ) until I had to stop work a couple of years ago to care for sick wife. Next? Suggestions on a postcard please..

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by 1 oclock tomorrow hope to be a trainer for barclaycard


but at the moment fix the machines people swipe there credit and debit cards through in the shops


pays the bills


actually trained to be a sound and lighting engineer (was awful at sound before mikeo starts talking jargon to me lol)

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Been a Driver for as long as i can remember, started off on Heavy Goods Vehicles, driving Lorries.





Then went PSV Driving, was a regular driver on the 26 & 27 Sheil road Circular route, till i decided to go on the Coaches.


(A bit more up to date than this one). :)



Besides tavelling to all corners of the BRITISH ISLES, i have also taken Coach Trips to Holland, Germany, France, and Belgium.


Nowadays i'm happily retired and do sweet F##K ALL. :D:D

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