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what ever happened to ......


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i know this suppose to be about rumours but i suppose it is a bit of a rumour


What ever happened to blueboys21 and did we ever find out who he was?



i know there were a few rumours about it being stubbs but you never know and are you still out there and have any news for us (yes i know the window is closed but we must have to line them up early)


and if your not stubbs then really were do you get your info from ????


and was anyone else really thinking it could have been stubbs

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i personally dont reckon he was stubbs,however he did say he was in contact with someone at the ground, maybe that could have been stubbsy? he was last active on the 12th august, when did stubbs leave and when did that kerfuffle occur? last i checked wasnt blueboys going on his "honeymoon"? am i reading too much into this? :D

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