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Four More Years


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Tomorrow is four years since David Moyes was made our manager.


Things looked a little bleak earlier this year, but as we all know, Rome wasn't built in a day.


There have been lows, but I personnally think there have been more ups.


If we get in the top half it will be two seasons on the run and 3 out of 4. So what, you might say. I'll remind you that its a long time since that happened.


BK has come out of the woodwork with an interview in true luvvie style (link below)




Anyway, here's to FOUR MORE YEARS.

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So I take it you have not warmed to him then???


The problem is while Everton are pushing forward I can't see BK having any interest in selling or getting investment in which means it will be hard to continue to push forward in the future


that is the worry adam, i just cant see us progressin that much with him at the top....look at the job at spurs. if we got someone in with a bit of ambition i think our story in the next four years would be very different what it will be :(


it sickens me to see the stupid twat with a big grin on his face if we win....hes fuckin nowhere when we lose....utter gobshite


(edit: this is about bill by the way....like u didnt guess ;) )

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I have to agree that Moyes has done an overall good job but i honestly think that with BK on the throne we are never going to have the Financial clout of the other big clubs.

You can tell us Bill that we are the 18th richest club in the world but until the money for new 1st class players materialises we cannot believe you.

This is our football club not your latest theatre production......


I believe that we have a core of excellent players but need some new investment players and a new ground and this will not happen with "Luvvie" Bill in charge.

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Guest fozzie22
I love Bill hes a good guy a true evertonian

I'm a true evertionain and much like slug boy i dont have 80 mill to throw at the club


The difference is i dont pretend to run the club he does..


Do you see?

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Guest fozzie22
Yeah but Bills a good friend of mine so I cant criticise him

so its not an objective critism then if he's a mate is it?


In mine and many others opinion of BK is that he's done nothing for the club,other than grubbily hang on to power by any means he could think of.


Its time for slug boy to step aside,get someone in with MONEY and do what he does best be a supporter of the club.


Football is littered with "fans" who had the ego but not the cash to run a football club.


Granted investors arent falling out of the sky in football at the moment,even the RS are having trouble bring new money in,but they like us are stuck with a chairman who doesnt want to let go of his toy/


Football is heading for leaner times and unless this nettle is grapsed and soon,Everton and many other clubs are going to find themselves in big trouble.

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