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Guys can someone help me please. I have broadband set up at home via a router I connect up via Ethernet cable I can the prompt that I am connected up. I try to log onto the net yet it says it is unable to display the page like I am not connected at all. I have called the help desk up who say the problem is my end as they can see im connected.. My brother deleted some items off my Laptop that were no longer in use to speed it up can he of deleted something? I have tried re-installing my broadband connection but no joy.



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Yeah tried that the problem being that system restore only gives me the last two days!!!! what is the use in that hey! ive googled the error and loads of people have the same problem, loads of people commenting on how to fix it yet none of it works! oh well think I will re-install xp and start from stratch easiest way i think. Thanks for your comments guys.

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