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David Moyes


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i have read a lot of the posts here and i must say am dissapointed that some people are gettin on moyes back; before the start of the season everybody was singing his praises of how we got into the champions league on a shoe string buget and how we were the bees knees; then the season starts and lets be honest we were poor we just didnt get going so what do people do start shouting for moyes head yet at the start of the season people were biggin him up as the best thing since sliced bread.we all want success and trophys but choppin and changing wont bring this ;david moyes has steadied the ship and we are going in the right direction we all need to show faith in the gaffa and get on board. ps which goal was best fads or the beats the choice is yours B)

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I am a big fan of his and I have always stuck buy him, as he is exactely the type of manager a club like ours has needed over the last 4 year and probabley the next 4 year as well.


I said before a ball was kicked this season we would struggle up until Xmas (just because of so many new faces bedding in), so am not totally suprised we have kicked on since then. I have always said that the team we would be watching in the second half of the season would be nearer to were we are at, than the one playing in the first half.


Not rocket science really.


I have always said the if Moyes was ever to go - there would be a plenty of clubs chomping at the bit to have him as manager. We are lucky to have him at Goodison in my opinion.


We do need some more players but the nucleaus of the squad we have now is better than it has been since we were winning league championships 20 odd years ago.

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Let's not start singing his praise's too much, it could develop into a rumour and he could be linked with the England job.


I've always liked him, but his dealings in the transfer market leave a great big question mark over his judgement. There have been a couple of good'uns, that is clear, but overall, I feel he has been foolish and naive.





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there have been a few questionable transfers. and thats something that needs to be sorted. with our budget you can't afford too many mistakes in that area.


but generally he's done a good job. were no longer struggling to avoid relegation every year and we seem to be in for a reasonable season after a lousy start.


we arent doing as wel as say, spurs or bolton, but then they were never relegations avoiders like us to begin with.


now we seem to have consolidate the team we should rely on him to finish the job and start competing for a regular top 6 finish.

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Guest fozzie22
well lets put this into a perspective.


whod you rather have:


moyes or walker

moyes or kendall (second time round)

moyes or smith

moyes or royle

answers on a postcard please

Well big joe did win something :P:lol:

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I think Moyers needs to get Rooney off the bench.When we 1st got him he was always playing NOW i never see him :blink:

HI ola everyone i'm new here but know my stuff B) so feel free to ask me anything  ;)


Your a tit and we know what your doing ;) "moyers"


You dont get a second chance to make a first impression (see what I did there)

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Whoever or whatever he/she is, this is a few of the names he/she has used over the past 8 months. Used more names than arnold palmer has used golf clubs.


All from the same address,and all follow on after each name has been banned or suspended.





Mind watcher 3 Yesterday, 03:47 PM

Ola 11 28-February 06

arbo 0 22-January 06

trueblueindabullens 3 14-January 06

Blue Hewson 46 31-December 05

Terrys chocolate Orange 33 29-December 05

smithe 21 18-December 05

Blue_Blood 0 5-December 05

OwensTopBananas 69 16-November 05

MELLA 10 9-November 05

the blues brothers 1 2-August 05

stockport toffee 2 25-July

mcfad 3 17-July 05

adamcoffey 4 29-June 05

smeghead1 642 16-June 05




Bye Bye. :D (banned).

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Good work Licker. Didnt even think to use my cyber powers to check, but my god, when you look down that last of names, that individual need to get some friend or a partner or sumthing, possible serial mentalist on the go.


Im not a pschitzo,


Neither am I

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adam, sign up with a new user name, see if that changes it, just a thought


i also doubt smeghead was one aswell


he was a decent bloke him


can Z cars shed any light on this?

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i agree, whoever this individual it is a certainty that he is a gobshite, we'll just see what happens.


its nice to see TT is keeping on top of the gobshites....wer doing a great job stewards :D:D



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