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I F*ckin Knew It

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Liverpool can thank arch rivals Everton for their creation. In 1892, Everton failed to strike a deal with John Houlding, the owner of Anfield, and left for Goodison Park instead. As a result, the Anfield landlord decided to form his own team - which was also briefly named Everton.


knew it, those rs wind up merchants wont know what hit em.


Took me ages to find that on the echo's website.

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Shocked in my Feet...New, Just New all along the Conspiracy theory wasnt totally the CIA chemicals....Next thing you know the truth will emerge Scully about the ground thing & deep dark conspiracies suggesting it once being Ours..!!!...Hold the Phone, The truth is out th...


Goood on yeer 4 get edumucated though Random..... ;)

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