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Admin Set It Up

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This happens every time, Can guarentee that the Reg's ( thats regulars not just  reg) from here have no inclination to visit any sort of LFC site...


Hmm had an epiphany...does that mean a RS web site should be reffered to as a "WEB SHIOTE".


Anyhows most us find the teeny bopper kopshiotes to be well pretty lame & boring.


perhaps knock up a sub forum for em & we can put all the crap they spout in it...& we can simply avoid if is our want....Uno maybe we call it Retards corner, a place for the spoutings of the Bastard son's.

This whole bitter thing is simply shiote, im not bitter, i dont love LFC, but thats my fukin perogative, & it dont make me bitter .


However, & as we all no, those who matter no, those whom need an explanation simply dont matter.


Wanna get me bitter bring up the ex wife....yeh That Ill admit ... ;)


Classic idea from Pat "Retards corner" a sub forum where we can move all the RS shite rather than deleting it ;-)

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I'm thinking that perhaps having a "special" place for these numpties it could act as a deterent for their incursions into enemy territory, held up to ridicule type of thing.


And if nothing else it gives us a great source of amusement.





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Maybe you could have a little "banter section" So any time liverpool fans want to talk about Everton they could post it there. Im sure a little banter is all they are looking for, and maybe you will all grow to enjoy the banter section with the liverpool fans.


Probably a silly idea, but it was worth a go :D

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