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Just What We Wanted To Hear


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Panic over then? Or is this the 'I aint leaving' speech that all players make just after they have penned a deal with another club?


I hope that he aint leaving - especially for the RS - would be gutted. And whats more, I doubt he would have anything to do with it - if he leaves it will be for the cash...


I remember Linekar leaving - everyone was gutted but at least Kendall had the sense to sell him to Barca...not Liverpool.

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aye, but thats because Kendall thought he would be Barca,s Manager the next season.  4O GOALS IN A SEASON (in all Comps) and never won a trophy with us. Runner up in the cup and runner up in the League

Maybe so but Kendall thought that Everton were starting to play the long ball game (if only he could look to the future and see that during the 90's that was ALL we played - long ball!) and decided that we needed to play more football on the floor.


Big money was offered (at the time) and Kendall took it. Linekar, great loss as he was, never won anything as you rightly said but...


kendall was proved correct, the next year we stole the league without him.


Kendall - if only he could have said no the the scottish malt in front of him!!!

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Lots of 'if onlys' mate...


If only the RS had not killed a load of Italian supporters

If only UEFA had not been so strict with their punishment

If only NEC had signed the mega sponsorship deal again

IF only Peter Johnson had not destroyed us

If onyl Joe Royle had stayed

If only Big DUnc'x header at Villareal had stood


If only

If only

If only

IF only.....

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