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Carlton Cole

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i remember him against us, he played really well untill unsworth kicked him hard, he had to go off.....good old ryhno :D we could do with a striker and he seems hungry for first team football. Charlton and Villa both had him on loan though so he would probably be more eagerto join one of them. Good player though (we could give them beattie part exchange :D )

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would be magic if we got him however i can't see Chelsea letting him go and i can't see him wanting to leave. He may not be first choice right now but he's knows he's gonna get a chance when it's the african nations as Drogba will be away and i'm sure he'll make the most of it.

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Me too -


Looked a very good prospect a three of four seasons ago, but did bugger all really on the loan deals he has had.


Nothing special in my eyes,


Keane's got to be the one come January - considering he will be out of contract come the summer - £3M is going to be a realistic price for him - That is real value for money in my eyes.


Everton have just got to start improving over the next couple of months to make us a realistic option for him.

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bent is a journey man for a reason, he loses interest easily, andpeople realise he isnt a goal scorer. he'll be somewhere else in the summer. should hve took the £2.5m when city wanted him.


probably be a part ex for nugent.


as long as scoland keep playin mcfadden, we could get maybe £2m for him from the SPL

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