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just read this quote on the subject of diving:


"I can say that when my team are not involved I am 100% against it"

Arsene Wenger



So ummm Arsene is that you saying that if your players were involved in diving you wouldn't mind it so much? I dunno, maybe he has been misquoted or something but that sounds like the stupidest quote I have ever heard.


BBC Sport


Whoops jus realised I should have posted this in the general footy forum, if you want to move it fair enough

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There you go, no harm done. Should be in general sport section anyway, seeing as its about diving :)


Was just watching SSN and glen roder was on talking about Saun Wright philips


Basicaly saying he wasnt a diver before going to chelse, but he put it across very well.


Unfortunately, I like glen roder, but him being the skunks manager makes it difficult

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:lol: yeah, he should get out quickly, leave elbows there, i fuckin hate that twit, as if he fuckin DESERVES a fuckin medal, get to fuck


fatty shepeard got it spot on when he said shearer was the mary poppins of football....she was a no good twit aswell

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