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08...city Of Culture

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The traditional image of the 'friendly derby' may have lost its gloss lately, but there is one aspect in which Liverpool and Everton will be united for tomorrow's match at Anfield: in promoting "Liverpool Capital of Culture 2008". And they will be doing so in a very novel way.


Both teams' number 8 squad members (James Beattie for Everton and Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard) will wear the number '08' on the backs of their shirts. It will be the first time that such a number has been worn at a top-flight English football match.


After the game, the shirts will be presented to the Capital of Culture Company to be framed and auctioned as a collector's item.


A spokesman for the Reds said, "The derby will be shown live around the world and we are delighted that we can fly the flag for Capital of Culture year."


Liverpool council leader Warren Bradley said: "The 08 shirts are a tremendous gesture of support for our 08 ambassador programme. Both clubs have promoted the city around the world for more than a century and this latest act will be witnessed by an audience of millions. To see Steven Gerrard and James Beattie wearing 08 underlines that the whole city is united in supporting us."

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Its not to raise the profile of the game, its to raise the profile of the city. I'm all for it, this city has a bad reputation around the country from alot of small minded people, hopefully the rest of the world will have a better point of view.

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