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Should Vdm & Gerrard Have Been Sent Off


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I atched the game from my sick bed yesterday and couldn't beleive the views of the people doing our game yesterday.


One of the guys says that Gerrard should not have been sent off as his 2 crimes did not fit the punishment.


Everyone knows the rules that f you kick the bal away you get booked.


Gerrards tackle could have been a red on its own.


I personally thought that VDm was unlucky to get sent off.


I beleive that the ref wanted to even the score and took the best chance he had to sent him of.


When I saw the replays you can see that VDm does not look at the player when he jumps.


He done no diferent to what Sheerar does week in week out.


If he did deserve to be sent off what about the RS player that LOOKED and elbowed kilbane in the first half.


Just wanted other peoples views on the sending offs.

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Guest fozzie22

both got what they deserved simple as that


gerrard a certain red but the letter of the law says you dont lead with your elbow..but VDM must be missing rathbone and wanted some more time off.


Shocking signing that lad.

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Guest Reg Reagan

VDM doesnt deserved to be sent off!


6 RS deserved to be sent off which were Kewell... Garcia... Crouch... Hyypia... Alonso and Carragher all deserved to besent off yesterday!


typical of the gobshites!

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VDM, deffinately not, the ref was behind thi incident. Should have been a yellow


I like that ref though, seen a few games of his, but I think he lost it yesterday. Why book both kewel and stubbs FFS. That happens in every game, couldnt he have ran over, given them a warning and said" any more and your in the book"


Also, what is is with crouchinho, that every time you try and challenge him you get a foul????????????????

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Guest fozzie22
gerrard: no question deserved sending off


VDM: shouldnt lead with your elbow but had every intention to get the ball. yellow defo but not a red

alonso: horrble challenge on kilbane and neville and went down like he got shot. he should have been sent off for sure

No VDM got a red for breaking the law..simple as that use of the elbow has been outlawed for years so how he thought he would get away with it is beyond me.


Fucking disgrace that lad..one for the passport office come the summer.

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Guest fozzie22
Im with that...You raise your arms in this day n age & the consequnces are obvious.


Ive looked @ all the angles & sorry cant defend him @ all.


Maybe not malicious, but thats not the issue.

agreed Pat,if that had been any RS player we'd all have been up in arms about it if he hadnt been sent off..simple as

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it was clearly accidental and by the letter of the law, a red card.


however with another ref it's one of those that may not have been given. so often people lead with arms and elbows and nothing happens.


anyone see kevin davis for bolton yesterday? he did a similar thing, elbow wasn't quite so prominant but clearly made impact as the other player came out with blood pouring down his face.


what happend i hear you ask...the player got angry and ran over to confront davis, davis pushed him away (raised arm). referee books the player with the bleeding face, davis gets nothing and no foul given!


you see inconsistancies in that jumping for header rule so often.


in any case this ref seemed to be looking to get his cards out at every opportunity, the game was nigly from the outset but he didn't handle it well and gave out far too many cards. the joke when i was watching was that everytime he blew up you never quite knew who he was going to decide to book, it was like he'd blow up and then look around for a reaction so that he could get his card out!

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gerrards first tackle was a fairly innocuous foul. he was yellow carded because the ref wanted to establish some kind of parameters in the game.


his second tackle was criminal. it well deserved a yellow. and 2 yellows makes a red. so thats that.


if the tackles had been the other way about he would have got away with it. the ref could have overlooked the first tackle, but not the 2nd.


vdm was a straight yellow. no way a red card. that was a criminal decision. and the ref got carried away after that giving out cards for no good reason.

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If you follow the letter of the Law then yes both should have been red. You have to take into account the occasion aswell and show some common sence. Garcia's challange was worse the VDM as was Davis against Boro. As stated it boils down to inconsistencies with referees. Are we appealing the Red Card as he doesnt look at Alonso when going up for the challange unlike Garcia.

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I think VDM was a tade unlucky to get his marching orders. It was one of those seen them given ,seen them let go. All depending on what the mood of the Ref.


But 2 red cards and 10 yellow cards, it was not as dirty as that, and I think the fact it was a derby actually go to the ref.



Fozzie, I think saying VDM is a f*cking disgrace is well over the top. You where only saying that about Beattie a few months ago.


If a lad suffers injury problems, I would hardly call him a disgrace. Cheaters like Drogba et al, and lazy bastards like Laurent Robert are players who I would call a disgarace.


Is Vaughan a disgrace???

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VDM was unlucky - I dont think that he had any intention of connecting with his elbow - it was a yellow card if anything at all.

there was no intent and I am a little disappointed that EFC have not contested the ref's decision. He didn't swing his arm into the RS lad's face - unlike Garcia in the first half against Kilbane - that was a disgrace and he should have walked.


Also the corner that Neville converted....it was clearly out! but the linesman didn't pick it up.


The red card of Gerrard was deserved - his tackle, in its own right, should have been a red card - let alone a 2nd yellow. (although it would have been better had he stayed on the pitch - we were playing better football when he was on!).


From that moment on, the REF was clearly looking to square things up - and that equals bookings....every tackle, every niggle in the box - all yellow cards for the boys in blue.


Regardless of them being RS players, it is a despicable act to try and get a fellow player booked - it is even more despicable to then get up after the tackle and gesture to the ref that another should be booked. That should be punished...


The RS are good players - no doubt about it, they proved that to us on Saturday (although we were never destined to win - prem plus, early kick off, away from home, no Arteta)...they dont need to cheat, but they did and if I remember correctly, they were the first ones to moan when Robben took the dive when Reina raised his hands!!!

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Gerrard; i dont think he should have been booked for kickin the ball away (but it is in the rules) but the second could have been a red on its own


VDM; maybe should have been yellow, but as others have said, in ever challenge in that game players had elbows in their faces, just the character of some players falling to the floor to force a decision that should not need to be made. seems to me the ref wanted to even it up with the red cards.

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