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Going To Germany


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BT needed to catch Svens eye before Xmas - so he has missed the boat I am afraid. Don't really think it matters how well he plays between now and the end of the season.


The only way Beattie will get on the plane to Germany is if Crouch gets injured.


I personally think Beattie is a better all round player than Crouch, but I am not the England Manager.

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When you think about it England are weak up front.


Rooney - One shining light

Owen - out injured and could struggle to be on the pace come Germany

Crouch - Emm, doesn't shout out top International player to me. A big money move to Liverpool has got him on the plane.

Defoe - Greedy flash Bast*ard who can't get a starting place at club level

Bent - Not international class by any means, had only 30 odd top flight games


I prefer Beattie to Crouch and I also prefer Dean Ashton and Andy Johnson to both Defoe and Bent.


I think if Ashton or Johnson would have stayed in the Prem last summer, at least one if not both would be going to Germany.


But none of them have been in the England set up over the past 12 months, so it is to late for them all.

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we all know that we will have to take plenty of strikers because that is the way u win games against the likes of brazil, by having plenty up front. As a biased evertonian and a beattie fan, i would love to see beatts there, i feel he offers more than crouch. however, he needed to perform on saturday for sven to really start considering him. he needs to get himself on the scoresheet a couple of times this saturday. i think sven should take rooney, owen, bent, ashton and beattie. i do agree however, that Everton isnt thought of as "fashionable" i.e. we arent chelsea, arsenal, united or as much as i hate to say it, liverpool. there are a few of evertons other players that shud be considered by sven such as hibbert. but lets face it, it wont happen. sorry for the rant!

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How can Owen even be considered to go.


He is still out injured. Has had another opertation according to reports which will put his fitness back 2 weeks at least.


We done the same with Beckham a little while ago. Took him when he was not fit. Got knocked out and then go on and say that he was not fully fit.


I have always beleived that you should take certain players that add something to the squad and then take a handfull of players on how they are playing.


take Joe Cole as he is playing well but don't take SWP.


Take Terry, Ferndinand and Carrigar but don't take Sol Campbell as still injured and not in the right mind.


Take Rooney and maybe Owen if back a while before and on form but if not don't waste a place on him.


If Beattie is playing well up to the end of the season take him if his goals and form dries up again for a period then don't take him.


At the moment Beattie should go

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i remember an interview that sven made and it went something like this


interviewer: so sven does peter crouchs form concern you over his place in the england team (this was when he hadnt scored since december)



sven: of course not he is a good player that adds something else to the squad. he has good touch for someone of that height.





so whats the point for BT ashton Johnson etc even trying for a place in the england squad. this means that he has already chosen his squad (depending on injuries). bloody outrage sooner he goes the fuckin better

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I have to agree - trying to force the issue with unfit or injured players can have a nasty habit of backfiring.


If Owen isn't doing the business by the last few games of the Prem season - I don't think he should go to the World Cup.


I am not an Owen hater or anything like that, as when he is on is game he is second to none. You can't be affective in a World Cup tournement if you body is basically in pre-season mode.


If he is not ready or sharp enough, it basically takes up the place of somebody who is on form and up for it. If he is in the squad you have the 'do you play him or not' dilema - leave him at home and get on with the job with fully fit players.


One of our biggest mistakes last time around was putting a not match fit Beckham in the starting 11.

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Guest fozzie22
do you reckon sven will take BT to germany. he definitely deserves to.


i think it should be:


Rooney (even though he is a traior)




as the five strikers... does anyone agree.

4 strikers only will go..with SWP as back up,svens a midfield manager


And no BT doesn not deserve to go,done nothing at international level,ie be in the squad in the last couple of years..(plus hes shit as well:P)

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