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Come Fly with me 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!


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Don't know if you will all get this as the computer is a bit manky but this is Willo calling in from Penang .


The hotel is fookin fantastc but the beer costs 6 pound a pint over here so we go just outside where its a pound for a big bottle of Chang ( bottles are much better than the sh!te draft they serve in the Park end ) .


Looking forward to watching the Blues against Chelski tomorrow night ( NOT ) and its on about 11 PM ish over here so many a beer will be had .


Took my bro out for another pre wedding stag doo in George town on Thursday ( wedding was friday ) and got him ratted , also got chatted up by a ladyboy :) but the adams apple was a dead giveaway so it was a no go .


Costing me 3 nicker for half an hour on this hotel cpu so must go and drink more beer very soon , hope everyones top drawer and doing sound .


Speak to you all soon and keep this thread open for me for any urgent EFC news that i may not hear over here .


P.S. Full of fookin Auzzies over here so you'd be in your element Pat . :D


P.P.S. Nemesis , keep everyone aware of the TT night out so we can sort it when i get home , its gonna be a good-un . :lol:

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hope u havin a good time mate! (ya jammy get :P   its been pissin down round here :( )



Its been pi55in down here too mate most days but we had a good day for our kids wedding on Friday which was sound .


Just going to have a laze by the pool and try to get last nights ale out of me before i start on it again later to watch the Blues .


Speak soon folks . :D

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You in Malaysia?



Aye mate for my brothers wedding , this place is absolutly amazing and i dont wanna come home ( but needs must i guess and i never thought i would say this but i'am missing my bird who's still at home , and i need to empty my sack :( ) .


Fook it , gonna have a curer now , no point in beating around the bush is there ! :P

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yeh its all civil till 1 gets on the verandah & gets lost in the all Bikinis coming & goin,coming & goin,coming & goin,coming & goin,coming & goin,


..I rekon thats how they discovred to FROTH a cappcino.


2 think my sore neck had only just recovred from last summers Bikini Head Tennis...I think I can live with the pain.


Oh yeh & the new "HAIRCUT" is bound to shake the leeeeides undies right off!!! ( gonna post a before n after haircut pic in off topic as have had a cple requests!!!)

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