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Pistone is still a couple of weeks away at least Dm said the other day when talking about Nuno being injured.


Think that Nace will keep his place til the end of the season.


Maybe if Pistone gets back into the team he will score the goal that takes us into Europe???????? :huh::blink::o

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luis garcia's goal, what was naysmith doing.


we all point the blame at wrights flapping run toward the player but naysmith aloud him to run through on to crouch's head on.  poor positioniing and awareness all round.


He is a bit rusty though, lets give him that. The centre half was runniing across to cover and I firmly blame richard WRONG


No Doubt adam that pistone will take us into Europe, but on the black pearl

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I am led to believe that nuno will be out for the rest of the season with a thigh problem. Adam will be happy as this will pave the way for pistone to spearhead our charge for europe with all those 1-3 defeats

dont now mate heard wispers he might be back quicker than people think ? i hope so anyway top player an a nice bloke to speak to as well ;need him back asap.

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I really like Valente, he has a hell of a cross on him and when he is in the right mood, the boy is a decent defender, but I don't think we will ever get the best out of him.


For us to use a player of his ability to his full potential we need to be less rigid in our formation. We can't base the way we play on one individual, and I think if we have to do that we will lose some of our grit and bouncebackability.


It has been proven time and time again, British is best when it comes to defenders.





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