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When it first started, I think it was me.


Where Chelsea have bought the league with oodles of dosh, I bought the top spots by spending (far too much) time playing all the games before anyone else.


At one point I think I had 29 1st place ranks.


....anyway, that's been dropping for ages, and with more playing a truer reflection should be forming.


So how is everyone doing these days?




My current stats:


1st Place Finishes: 17

2nd Place Finishes: 17

3rd Place Finishes: 15

Top Ten Finishes: 17







(edited for shockingly bad spelling and punctuation)

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Mines not bad i suppose, but i do have a lot of time on my hands. ;)


Player Details for Toffeelicker..........................


1st Place Finishes: 22


2nd Place Finishes: 9


3rd Place Finishes: 9


Top Ten Finishes: 25



With summer coming i wont be spending as much time on here, I'm an outdoor person really. :D

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Player Details for mikeo

1st Place Finishes: 0

2nd Place Finishes: 0

3rd Place Finishes: 1

Top Ten Finishes: 27

Total Games In Arcade: 79

Total Games Played By mikeo: 40


... :( ...


...but who's in the final of the Pacman tournament? B)B)

Edited by mikeo
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