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Are You supporting Villarreal in the CL?  

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  1. 1. Are You supporting Villarreal in the CL?

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Without question yes. It's already something of a consolation (but not much :( )that they've gone so far and put out ManU after we ran them so close. The better they do the better I feel about losing to them (not that we did :angry: ).

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"Though they shudnt be there THANK YOU VERY MUCH Mr. Collina "


not really true, as bitter as we may want to be over that, we wouldn't have necessarily qualified had that goal counted, we would have had extra time.


when i saw them against us I thought they were a top side, to be honest they out classed us and I knew they could do well, definately not a team united wanted to draw! they're going strong and i think they could make the semi's.


if arsnal keep playing how they are they will beat them but if not they've definatley got a good chance.

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I would like to think that we lost to the team that was going to go on to win the comp!!!

I'm only glad that they didn't meet the shite and the shite beat them! We would never live that one down.


The fact that they are still in the comp is great - if they win it at least we got beat (only just) by the team that went all the way.


but as far as support goes...Arsenal for me. WOuld like another english club to win it again...and again...and again...


Fuck all the foreign crap off!!

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