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Very Scary Rumour

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dont see it happening meself, i think they will be looking more european


i fuckin hope so anyway, that would be bad news :huh:


bit random but i thought before, if we had an offer for davies and osman i think moyes would be more inclinde to sell ossie, dont no why i thought of that but i did :D


osman is one of a best players at the club without a doubt.....


anyway....back to the topic, fuckin hope not :D

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Guest fozzie22
I can see Davies going wont be a great loss 2.5 million to Pompey or West Ham maybe

Whod the hell would pay that for davies ??


Hes a clown nothing more,nothing less..o wait i answered my own question DM would pay that for him.

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cahill said after he signeed the new contract " id rather be a big player at Everton than a small player at chelsea or manchester united" i think he likes the club too much to leave for man utd, but i said that aba shrek so... lets hope its only a rumour, cnt fink of a betta signing dm has made, hes defo evertons best player and i dnt fink dm will give him up without a fight, unless bk joins in den weve lost him and we'll end up with about £1 mil plus 3 "reserve" players.

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