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Charlton V Everton

Tara Mac

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Right so lets move on and get back on form from what has been a poor last two performances.


I want to see changes made but i dont think any of these will happen.

I would throw Turner in goal for the remaining fixtures.

Gary Naysmith is really looking of the pace but you cant really blame him with him being out for so long. So at left back i would play Phil Neville although it aint his best position. i would throw Tim and Cars in the centre. Give Cars a go again for the remaining fixtures. i think he is a better passer of the ball than neville and maybe thats what is needed away from home. Mikel if fit enough on then left and the ever impressive Ozzie on the right. Beats and Faddy up top aswel. Looking good together.

Id have hibbo at RB and centre halves bein Stubbs and ........ Now there's a dilemma. would you play Weir because he has been so good at the back with stubbs or Joe. If Darren Bent is on up for it then obv Joe for his pace but his heart doesnt look at the club and i think he will be off in the summer. So id leave dat one up to moyes.


I shall be attending the game up in sunny London. Anyone else going??

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I reckon we can get a result here, it's going to take a big effort but a win is on the cards.

I will urge all the other Blues going to sing their bloody hearts out as they can lift the team. I went to the WHU game and spent the first half in the Bobby Moore stand, and apart from when they scored all I could hear were the Bluenoses - it was great!

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Naysmith is shit - he's much worse than Pistone - at least pistone could read the game...

Naysmith cant pass, cant cross and against Sunderland who are shit, he kept getting caught out and it lead to the cross that lead to Delap's goal.


he is utter shite and i only wish that valente wasn't injured. gutted about that in hind sight!!


This game has disaster written all over it.

Motivational wise - the clubs below and around us didn't do too well last week either so we are stil in the running - bu we need 4 wins from 6 games left imo to finish in the top six...


of those 6 games we have spurs (arse hot on their tails) and chelsea (man u on their tails) - so they have to be the two defeats - if we get done by Charlton we can forget Europe.


However -if man u pick up the game and come within 3 points of chelski, then they may wobble and we will play them at the right time...


you never know.


My prediction for the charlton game?!? 1-1 lacklustre draw that sees off any european hopes that we might have.

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Good grief...it took half an hour before the first shot...which was blocked..sounds a great game :unsure: . Mind you I won't give a shit if we win :P .


Half time edit..report says it's not as poor as it looks, quite good in fact, great shot from BT and another cock-up from Teflon :unsure: .

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a couple embarrassing moments from wright, but otherwise not a helluva lot of incident........wish cahill would learn to control the rash moments --- lucky not to get a 10th yellow for the season!!!


(oh and why the F*CK did ferguson get on the pitch yet again???)

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Lower Gwladys' Report on days events:


Well after getting up at 6:20 in the morining :angry: (obviously) to catch a 7:30 coach on priory road paying £48.50 for both coach and match tickets sustaining a 11 hour coach journey. I think that was utter bollox!


Dickie Wright's mistake was awful. How can a keeper not read the bounce. Beattie's effort being the highlight of the first half.


Second half we were better but really threatened. Arteta was off the pace today he kept slipping. I'd say Leon's header being our only real opportunity.


Lower Gwladys' 3 highlights of the day:


1) Great banter between the Blues fans (Barnes coaches really) and Huddersfield fans at northampshire service station


2) Our coach getting shot at upon entering London :o:o


3) Finally at half time and i quote what the tannoy said "Could Michael Shields please contact his nearest steward" :lol::lol::lol:

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Just made my mind up, Wright, f*ck off you are not needed, wanted or welcome. This is Everton we are talking about now, Charlton were missing two of their best players- Young and Bent D. We showed no imagination, passion or desire. This is difficult for me to say, but I wonder what goes through the minds of these overpaid prima donnas. Kiss my big fat white, spotty a*se.


Europe, give me a f*cking break, play up or f*ck off.





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Surely now Moyes cant stick with Teflon after yet another poor display. A draw here means we are now really playing for mid table superiority so its time to give either Turner or Ruddy a run in the team. I wish Wright had come good but i think its best for both parties if he moved on in the summer he needs it as much as us.


From MOTD we seemed the better of two poor teams, Beattie had a cracker and Myhre made a few good saves why did we sell him again? to save 250k wasnt it what we could have done with him this season

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Watched match of the day last night and i was proud of the battling from the boys but another point or 3 dropped IMO!


One must from the match is Dickie must be sent on and early summer holiday never to return, the defence looked unsure around him and hit row Z rather than let him near the ball.


As for the "i'l let the ball bounce over my head" incident well nuff said realy!!!!


End of Wright your not good enough and in all honesty no one has ever wanted you here now f*ck off and leave us alone you c*nt :angry:

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