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Couple Falling Out............


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A couple are driving along the motorway, the wife is at the wheel.


The mans turns to the woman and say "I don't love you anymore, I don't like you anymore, and I want a divorce".


The woman's hands tighten on the wheel and all the colour drains from her face.


The man then adds "I've been seeing your best friend behind your back and she is better in bed than you".


The woman's eyes become all glazed over and her grip on the wheel increases.


The man continues "I even had your Mam and your sister in bed at the same time, and they did things to me you never would"


The woman presses down on the accelerator, the car's speed creeps up to 90 mph.


The man not sensing this carries on "I want the kids, because you're an unfit mother and I want the house too, because the kids need somewhere secure to live, I want you out of our house. I've frozen all the bank accounts and cancelled your credit cards"


The woman increases the speed up to 120 mph and her gaze is fixed on a bridge over the motorway in the distance.


The man is puzzled by his wife's lack of reaction and he asks "Isn't there anything you want?".


The wife turns to the man and says "No, I have everything I need right here".


The man is confused and asks "what is it that have?".


The car is now doing 140 mph, the wife steers gently towards the central stantion of the now fast approaching bridge, turns to her husband and says "the f*cking airbag".





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