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Was The Charlton Game Boring?


Was the Charlton game boring?  

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  1. 1. Was the Charlton game boring?

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yes, it was boring and uninspiring to watch.


both teams lacked any individual capable of turning the game around. and the lack of flair was obvious.


possession was given away unnecessarily and neither side posed much of a threat to the other.


thats the difference between the top clubs and the rest. :angry:




on a brighter side we are no longer relegation fodder and our position in the league is good considering the appalling start we had to the season.


we just have to finish as high as we can this season.


what does bother me is that we don’t seem to have a side that looks like its going to win anything. I know we still need a goalie, a striker and another solid defender. especially if yobo goes, (he now says he isnt)!


but we also need players who have the ability and the confidence to hold the ball and go past defenders.


moyes has been with Everton since march 2002 and no-one can argue that up to a point he has done a good job. but by now he should have built a better squad than he has. as I said we are no longer relegation fodder but that in itself isnt good enough.


we don’t seem to have a well coordinated team. they lack the kind of self confidence and individual flair that you need to win cups.


his financial limitations haven’t been that severe since that dedicated life long Everton fan, wayne rooney left for more money.


so, while we can applaud him for the progress he's made to date, its with the realisation, (which I have no doubt he and the board are aware of), that he doesn’t have forever to weld the side into a force to be reckoned with in the premier league.

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