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Hi All


We may have a small problem. Tomorrow (14th April) our beloved site will go down unless i can get in touch with Louis.


The domain name Toffee Talk.com will expire either tonight or tomorrow night. I have emailed Louis a couple of weeks back to sort this out but i haven't heard anything back from him, and only he can renew the domain or transfer it to me so that i can renew it.


If anyone knows Louis personally and can get in touch with him can you let him know that the domain is about expire and to get in touch with me ASAP.


If the domain does go down you can still access the site from this link, so it may be worth you putting it in your fav's



Cheers guys


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You can all use the old linknow www.toffeetalk.com as the crisis is now over. The reason you had to sign in when using the new linkis because the site adds a cookie to your computer so it knows who you are and when you used the other link the cookie is different so that why :P

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