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Arteta To Join United


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Guest fozzie22
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Basicly its because Arteta was at the game last night at Old Trafford....



why the hell would i be a memeber of a manc forum?


If he's going fine,let em have him.

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Guest fozzie22
Well Spud has certainly made the Prem sit up and take notice!

If not Man Ure then someone will be after him.

We are showing no ambition really which would make our better players think twice about moving elsewhere.

yup,but DM and the board are doing a great job!!


woohoo paul dicov cant wait for him to start scoring next season <_<

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Fozz, between you and Pat, I am convinced we shall sell everyone of note, buy a load of over the hill journeymen.





















AND QUALIFY FOR EUROPE NEXT YEAR................................ :lol:





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Seem to recal Rooney not leaving Everton....


Until it happens, then I will not read anything into it.


Anyone remember Roy Keane-in one day he was in a Cheshire hotel with Moyes, a London Restaurant with BK and at Goodison talking to Wyness...

He has a busy day.


The Utd game that Arteta was at...he was also spotted having lunch with benitez and then seen the next day with Prick parry so its all bullshit until we have the £10m we deserve!!


Plus, its not like we have to get rid - he is under contract until 2009 (the daft spaniard!)


Where would he fit in the RS squad? Where would he fit in the Manc squad.


The last thing either of them need is a play maker. United need a Carrick type player and RS have alonso, gerrard and Sissoko. They also have gonzalez on his way...

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