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Well done Everton..

Guest tonliv

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I d like to say well done to Everton on the draw with Chelsea.

Firstly it obviously incrases your chances of staying up and secondly, it does the rest of the Premiership a favour.

I can understand the blue noses on here getting carried away and seeing this as the turning point - and who knows, it may well just be?

But the way some fans are acting on here...you'd think they had just won the Premiership or something :lol:

God help us if Everton actually ever actually won a trophy again in the future :rolleyes:

But in saying that...take nothing away from yesterdays result :)

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and we shouldnt be celebrating over takin points of the team of the team who until playin us had a 100% record, uze would have been if uze would have took anythin out of your game with chelski...but you didnt, u got embarrased at home in front of your fans, bugger :rolleyes:

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Yeah i suppose winning the FA Cup is such a big thing for Everton supporters...

Why doesnt your team try winning the odd European cup now and again eh?  :lol:

Because even if we did - you lot would still make out that you far superior...


even if we did - Uefa woudl give you a nice 'dispensation' that said that no one else is allowed to win it.

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