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Very moving  does make you think your right

Very moving (as has been said) - if you are a scouser then I guarentee that you will now somebody effected by that ill-fated day however....


It was 17 yrs ago and for those that are not directly involved, its time to move on. As the author of the email attempts to suggest - the memorial contains umpteen thousand people that probably were not even born at the time - and they are there for ALL the wrong reasons - mass hysteria is what the author is trying to explain - its the same mass hysteria that made people gather in london for Diana's funeral and the queen mother's lying in state.

Its mass hysteria that allows people to capitalise on miss fortune just so others can say 'I was there' 'i paid my respects'.


My views about hillsborough are jaded - I wasn't very old at the time (11 i think) and I cannot comment about the printings made by the Sun newspaper - or who was to blame for a freak disaster that will hopefully never happen again.


I feel for the people that lost their lives and I feel for those who lost a loved one. But as he says - no crappy wristband or banner is going to bring them back.


good luck to the Author - i hope he can put it behind him.

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