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The Simpsons


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On Sunday on Sky The Simpsons is the one written by...and starring..Ricky Gervais, the first episode ever to be written by someone other than the usual writers.


It also has the finest opening sequence ever (in my opinion), don't know if that is also down to Gervais. See what you think..

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Sharpe is a big, fat, over-rated, self important, unfunny, over exposed slimy c*nt bubble, just an opinion, rant over.



HaHa...anyone watch Lost? Channel 4 saying all will become clear when the new series starts...bollocks..I've watched up to episode 19 in the second series (where they're up to in America) and it just gets more and more and more confusing :unsure::unsure::D .

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Mike, your wit and intelligence is only surpassed by your compassion and understanding for those of us who hate Ricky Gervais.


The more I come to know you the more I come to dislike you....... :D:D:D


Josh, have a word with your Dad for us please, but nicely.





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Mac...found an organisation who might be able to help you...it's a twelve step self help group called Ricky Anonymous..the first four steps are


1. We admitted we were powerless over Gervais-that his success had become unmanageable


2. Game to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity


3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of Sharpe as we understand him


4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves...


...can't make any more of this public or I'll be shot :o .


Their number's in the Phone Book :P .

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Weve only just been introduced to the other , others over here.


Not the original others, but the other others off the flight from the other side of the island, not to be confused with the others (whom have no shoes :huh: ) of course. Thase others inc the Latino chick with the penchant for blowing people away.


How far behind would that make us down under?

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Just checked.


Have you heard there story yet????? (global about them crashing there) Don't want to go into to much detail incase you have not and also for the people who will be waiting for it to come onto channel 4.


Anyway if you have seen that one it is number 31 and I have just seen 43. Only got 5 left to go.

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Only got 5 left to go.


Apparently Adam the writers know how it's going to end but while it still has the viewing figures it will continue so there may be many new series.What we're seeing is them coming up with story lines to drag it out as long as poss while keeping the interest up. It's complete trash and I love it :D .

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I had heard that as well.


If they drag it out for another season I will most prob lose interest in it un;ess they change the angle


3 series with the same thing and still not found out some of the stuff from the first few episodes would do my nut in.


So many questions that need answering and not enough time to answer it.

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