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Arteta On Toffeetalk (efc Website Version)

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here is the transcript in full


Hellzangel: There have been lots of rumours linking you with transfers away from Everton, mainly to Liverpool and Man United! Is there any truth in the rumours and if not, how long do you see yourself staying at Everton?

Mikel: I am really happy here and I have a lot of care for this club and the people here. I really appreciate how the club and the people have been with me from the first day so it is not in my mind to leave.


Miss_Marmite: Who's the biggest joker at the club?

Mikel: Ossie without a doubt.


machine: hola Mikel, Mikel will you still be an Everton player at the beginning of next season

Mikel: Yes, I will be.


Miss_Marmite: David Moyes- is he ACTUALLY God?

Mikel: There is only one God, but he is a good manager.


who_is_owen: Are you confident that we can bounce back from this poor season and challenge for Europe again next season?

Mikel: We need to improve the squad and be right in the decisions we make and then hopefully we will have the chance to be there again.


our_tater: hello mikel where do you think your best position is as you joined us as a centre midfielder but now you seem at your best on the wingers

Mikel: I like to play in different positions and the gaffer is asking me to do it for the benefit of the team so I am happy to do it.


BarkerBlue: Mikel, what has been your highlight of this season?

Mikel: How the people have been with me and the way you have supported me. It has been really good for me.


BarkerBlue: who will win the world cup?

Mikel: Argentina. I want to be a little bit different because everybody is saying Brazil.


machine: Mikel are there any brilliant players in spain that would be an excellent signing within the budget of 6-7million for moyes(like you)

Mikel: We need to see if we have got six or seven million to spend first! But for this moment I am sure we can find very good players this summer.


Tone_The_Blue: Why were you at Old Trafford on Friday night?

Mikel: To watch the match, obviously. I just like to watch football, there was nothing sinister in it.


rjamesg1980: Hows the injury? Will you be up for selection on sat?

Mikel: It may be too soon for Saturday, but I am working very hard to get back as soon as I can and Saturday is still not out of the question.


hansongirlefc: How does England compare to anywhere else you have played?

Mikel: It is the most complete league and environment in terms of the support, the grounds, honesty on the pitch - everything.


BarkerBlue: Firstly you have had a fantastic season, a certain for player of the year, but one thnig that has been lacking is lots of goals, do you reguard yourself as a goalscorer and how many do you hope/set yourself for a season?

Mikel: It is something I want to improve next year. I have been requested to play further up the field and so I want to score more goals.


daveyh1977: my friend says she blue toothed z cars to yuou after the game against spurs, is this true

Mikel: I don't know if she tried, but I haven't received anything.


Yobowannabe: How much would it mean to you to represent your country? And do you know if anyone from the country's staff has been to see you?

Mikel: It is one of my goals. Obviously, I will keep playing as well as I can to be involved. But I will just have to wait now.


pl: What do you think was lacking this season especially early on. Do you think the european disappointment had an effect on team confidence?

Mikel: Yes, I think it did. We were really ambitious and then to go out was the biggest disappointment as we had been working all last year towards that and then suddenly it was gone.


Maccas_efc: Mikel whats your favourite Everton song

Mikel: MIKELLL ARTETTTAAA!!! (ha, ha, only joking).


rjamesg1980: mikel are you a born again christian?

Mikel: I am catholic. But I have always been catholic. The people at Rangers didn't really like it, so I had to be respectful.


Toffeemies1: Hi, Mikel! Who is the best player you've played against?

Mikel: Thierry Henry. He really impressed me and is a nice guy as well.


BarkerBlue: Stubbs, Beattie, Duncan or Yobo, who is the hardest player at the club?

Mikel: Joe is the strongest player without a doubt. He is a rock.


hansongirlefc: Do you believe we have been victimised this season from a referees point of view?

Mikel: I would never say we have been victimised but it is strange sometimes when I have received some really bad tackles and then have been booked for reacting.


Swardfish: Did Xabi Alonso come round to your house again to wind you up after the derby?

Mikel: No, he didn't this time.


Keegs: How have you found it adjusting to Engish life? Has having so many spaniards across the park help (especially a lifelong friend like Alonso)?

Mikel: It is important to have Spanish people to talk to. But I wouldn't say I feel comfortable because of that. I spend much more time with my teammates and people at the club than other Spanish players and they are the main reason I am so comfortable here. I get on with my teammates very, very well, they are good lads here.



Mikel: That is not my decision, that is up to the manager. But if I could make a signing I know where I would go.


TheLetchCometh: Do you ever look at the Blue Room?

Mikel: No, but I will now. Scott is here and he is showing me how to access it.


ol: Mikel you are on the way to being a true Goodison legend!

Mikel: There is still a long, long way to go before a player can be called a legend. But I would love to be thought of as a legend in the years to come.


woodhouse1: Glad you have enjoyed the season so far Mikel. What has been your favourite match for Everton this season?

Mikel: Beating Arsenal at Goodison was a great day.


Ozzwaldo: Do you think Spain could finally come good? They always seem to fail at the big tournaments

Mikel: I am not very optimistic because we are all expecting so much from them and we rarely get anything back. But I am hoping for some success.


EvertonBlender: who's the better player, you or xabi alonso?

Mikel: We are different kind of players so it is hard to compare. But it is a nice comparison - and if I am talking to Xabi I will tell him I am better! (ha, ha)


_E_F_C_: mikel who would you most like to play alongside

Mikel: Ronaldinho. I played with him at Paris and now he has become the best player in the world. I really enjoyed my time with him.


hansongirlefc: Do you think we can make promising signings in the summer to progress next season?

Mikel: That is what I hope because I don't want to be here just thinking we will finish 10th or 12th next season. That doesn't make sense at a club like this. I am very ambitious and the club is as well.


LITE: Was you gutted you had to miss the derby match at Anfield?

Mikel: Of course it was very frustrating for me because of the meaning of the game and because that was the moment for me to be linked with the Spanish national team because the manager was watching the game. But when an injury happens there is nothing you can do.


Mikel: Thankyou everybody for your questions, I have enjoyed it. Sorry for not answering all of the questions - there have been so many. But I will do this again soon. Now I have to go back to the treatment room! Ciao.

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lots of dull questions.


lots of shite answers!


these things are always a waste of time!


and people kept asking the same question in different words, why do they let through the same question?!


"Hellzangel: There have been lots of rumours linking you with transfers away from Everton, mainly to Liverpool and Man United! Is there any truth in the rumours and if not, how long do you see yourself staying at Everton?"


"machine: hola Mikel, Mikel will you still be an Everton player at the beginning of next season

Mikel: Yes, I will be."


the second question didn't really need to be put to him after he'd answered the other.


it's the kind of drivle that makes the pages of shoot or match or whichever kids football mags are round now!

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