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Pongolle The Mongolle

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He looks like shaun paul......fook it lets have him if the shite want to get rid of him on the cheap,theyve already signed smack head so i cant see where mongolles going to fit in,If we did get him i think he'd have a point to prove and i think he'd fit in alright at Everton..........................

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Lads (and the occasional girl)


Just been past Bellefield - its not the best of news...


Pongolle was there!


Is this a sign?!??!


YES you were not paying attention to the road in front of you, had you been driving you might have killed Gary Naysmith (actually why am i bollocking you) :lol::lol::lol::lol:


wasnt kevin sheedy a RS Reject? just a thought.

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Dont want in our team...


hes useless anyway


I agree. :blink:


Although Pongolle's a young player, his finishing is even poorer than Cisse which is really saying something. He far too lightweight and will never fit in Evertons tactics. His running in the channel across defenders is quite decent, though.


He is a good guy to bring on, in the second half when opposition legs are tiring, since the lads got pace, but he doesnt offer anything more. He shown very little whenever he's 'started' for Liverpool, although he hasnt started much.


Dont think wages will be a major problem. He's only a young player with lots of prove.


But he's Not Good Enough.

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