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Cameron Jerome

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maybe they would take a part exchange..naysmith, killa? CJ does seem like a good prospect, maybe a darren bent scenario with a bit of luck. i dont think he should be THE signing for attack though, him and another like AJ to go with beats would be a good force

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The only people who know for sure if we are going to offer for him is DM and BK


However if you look last season to all the people we were linked with and going to offer for and how many of them signed or were confirmed targets then maybe that will answer the question

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Sheffield United boss Neil Warnock is ready to trump his new Premiership rivals in landing Cardiff City striker Cameron Jerome.


The Blades boss failed with a ?.5m bid for the 19-year-old star in the January transfer window.


But now the Bluebirds have admitted defeat in their battle to keep Jerome.


They are now prepared to sell the 20-goal hotshot to cut debts as they attempt to move into a new stadium.


Everton, Charlton and Fulham have all watched Jerome but Premiership-bound Blades are the only ones to make a firm bid.


The ex-Middlesbrough trainee also came close to joining Norwich in January but now looks certain to complete a dream move to the top-flight.


Quoted from http://www.tribalfootball.com/april/englinews2250406.html





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GS: Games started, 20

SB: Used as substitute, 5

G: Goals, 13

A: Assists, 2

SH: Shots, 50

SG: Shots on goal, 33

YC: Yellow Cards, 4

RC: Red Cards, 0

FC: Fouls Commited, 16

FS: Fouls Suffered, 32


Cameron Jerome:-

GS: Games started, 46

SB: Used as substitute, 0

G: Goals, 20

A: Assists, 3

SH: Shots, 113

SG: Shots on goal, 58

YC: Yellow Cards, 7

RC: Red Cards, 0

FC: Fouls Commited, 95

FS: Fouls Suffered, 47


Goal Ratio: 13/20 = 0.65 per match for Bellamy; 20/46 = 0.43 per match

Goal:Shots Ratio: 13/50 = 1 goal per 3.84 shots for Bellamy; 20/113 = 1 goal per 5.65 shots for Jerome.


I think for 3.5M for Bellamy last season, and 4M for Jerome this season, I do prefer Bellamy as the stat are all better and such stat are from the Premiership level, unlike Jerome.


4M for Jerome could be a risk on second thought.

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Davey just wont take chances, you can tell that by his team selections, why the f#ck did he put Duncan in the squad last week.


Middle of the road Davey, dithering Davey, call him what you like, but cant see him taking us any further.

Both of the young keepers should have been played by now to see what we've got, he's probably lost Ferrari by now, so we are stuck with the oldest centre halfs in the premier, and Darren Bent, Ashton and Bellamy have all been missed when he had the opportunity to get them.


Dont expect any decent players to come here in the summer, it will be another season of struggling with the squad we have, and we will look back at all the missed opportunies.

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Yeah, because i keep hearing these stories about Davey in the transfer market.


We all knew Ashton was going to be a good player from back when he was a 17 year old, along with Hulse they slaughtered Evertons Defence when we played them in the Cup, AND HE WAS HANGIN ABOUT ON OUR DOORSTEP FOR LONG ENOUGH, COULD HAVE PICKED HIM UP FOR A MILLION.


Then the Bellamy fiasco...... Newcs Chairman and Kenwright had agreed a fee and Bellany came to the club to sign, Davey called him into his office because he hadnt had the chance to speak to him yet.........five minutes later Bellamy leaves saying he didnt want to play for him. :blink:


Then i got it from a good source that when Joe royle knew that he couldnt stop Darren Bent from leaving, he rang Davey and offered him to Everton saying he would be good for the Team, and Davey told Joe that he no longer has anything to do with Everton and as he put it......" i decide what players i want at this Club, not you. so off he went to Charlton £3.


Thats the sort on man we have in Charge here, so dont expect too much and you wont be Disappointed.

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Theres been more tales of woe, thats just some of them. :(


Davey cant handle Big players, we will always have his type of player at this club, middle of the road footballers, they are workhorses first, which is good, but not at the expense of quality football, which leads me onto Yobo, Arteta, Valente, and Ferrari............Dont be surprised if we do not start without at least two of these players next season, maybe all.


Ask youself how often do you come away from the ground saying that was a joy to watch, and enthusing about the football we played.


You can count the times on one hand over the last four years.

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Thats arguable Cracccer, I personally hated the Dogs of War.


Very Un Everton.


However the 10-15 yrs since have been un Everton as well...Or perhaps an old fool is deluded & this is infact what Everton now is?


School Of Science, Mersey millionaires, Nil satis...Perhaps now, but fading symbols of what this institution ONCE stood for?


Sad, but time waits for no man.

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