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Now That's What I Call Football

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Watching the UEFA semi tonight I was take back some 20 years to the Bayern night and what it feels like to fight back against seemingly impossible odds - also memories of the 4-4 night against the RS. But what struck me most was the sad thought that as long as Moyes is at the club I'm never going to experience the kind of elation that the Boro fans had tonight. Throwing 4 forwards into the fray - well, we couldn't do that because we don't even have that many on the books. Boro is a small club that has put together a team which may not challenge for the Premiership but at least gives its fans regular cup runs, Carling Cup wins and now European finals. So, in a week when one of my boyhood heroes passes away, it comes to this...I'm jealous of Middlesbrough. Ah well, I'll just get back to filling in the season ticket renewals and signing the cheque for £800+....why when I do this do i feel like the junkie handing over money to the pusher ???

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Yeah, well done to the Boro, shades of the Red s last season, coming back from the dead.


HOW OFTEN OVER THE LAST FIVE YEARS HAVE YOU SEEN A GAME, ANYTHING LIKE THAT AT Goodison PARK...........................Oh how the mighty have fallen.

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