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Ok, Who Would U Take From The Relegated Sides?

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matthew upson, Miak taylor, please dont shout....emile heskey, Jermaine pennent from brum


Zoltan gere and Nathen ellington and that young lad they brought for 3million who plays as defender from WBA


dont think anyone really from sunderland


what are all ur thoughts? the reason i say emile is that he has pace, yes he is a bit of a muppet at times, but i think davey could pull him into a decent strike partner for beets!

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Bluebird said.............We need to be looking at O'Neill at Pompey as well, quality player!



I agree, he's looked quite usefull each time i've seen him plus the fullback Taylor, but pompey are not going down, so i cant see any of them leaving.

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Brum - Pennant, Upson maybe David Dunn

WBA - Calumn Davies (Young Defender)

Sunderland - Arca


These would add some much needed strength to our squad and wouldnt be to expensive. Add to this AJ and Tim Howard or Dudek/Kirkland and we will be making progress next season.

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Arca for sure from Sunderland as I said before swap him for Kilbane.


Kanu from West Brom??????


Upson has just signed a new contract so will be interesting to see if they sell know they have gone down and will have to get some money.

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I think Gera is quality and Arca is an improvement on what we got left side and Upson because we are very short at the back. With the two wingers we would also have a bit of pace which we lack just add a keeper and a quality pacey striker to that list and we will be making progress.

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I agree Goldfish.


Everyone has been moaning about the injuries we have at the moment. Upson would be a bad move with him being injured.


If we go for him might as well go for Sutton as well as he has been told he will not be there next season as cost them to much money in wages.


I would take Arca for Sure. As TL said Gera would be a good squad player.


Don't know much about this curtis guy so can't comment

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Lets start off with Birmingham -


Upson for me would have to come cheap given that he is currenly injured. Next january would be more timely I feel.


Pennent would be the first on my list from the relegated clubs, this player has a bit of class and can really cross the ball.


Would like to see Jarosik on loan from Chelsea. Birmingham over the last couple of years have been the home of a number of chelsea players. We should be looking to taking Birminghams place for Chelsea players wanting first team Prem football.


Moyes was after Forssell last season, but his historic injury messed that up. A renewed interest I wonder. I would guess Birmingham would be glad just to get most of there money back.


Heskey for me is a decent player who just gets a bad rap (bit like the Phil Neville perception before we got to know him properly!!!) With our DF finishing, the big man may be a handy addition to the squad.


Chris Sutton - Again would a potential DF replacement - and cheaper than Heskey.



West Brom -


Not a lot to choose from in this team


Gera has to be the pick. Had a superb season last year but gone of the boil a little this season - has he been out injured much? only seen that he has playered 20 games or so.


A lot will depend on how much money we are talking for his services. But his overall record looks very good for a midfeilder. 205 Appearences - 50 goals, international 18 appearences - 9 goals.


Ellington - just doen't do it for me to be honest.


Kirkland - his injury record is second to none.


Greening - I like this hard working player and would not grumble if we bought him on our books.


Sunderland -


Like everybody else Arca is the only player that would possibley improve our squad.



But just as interesting as who may be available from relagateed teams is who will be available from teams who failed to get promoted.

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Arca (free trade for Kilbane)


Le Tallac (why not hes a young striker)


Whitehead is a good player but Le Tallec isn't. Young doesn't disguise the fact that he's not very good.


The only young striker worth signing from Liverpool is Pongolle, not Le Tallec.

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Ruffrob said...........


Sunderland -

Like everybody else Arca is the only player that would possibley improve our squad.






Wouldnt mind taking Jonathan Stead off Sunderland, would get him for less than the million they paid. I think he will still score goals.

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If we are being realistic and the money is Scarce, i wouldnt mind taking a chance on JJ Campbell from Brum, he only cost them half a million.


If he stays with them he will score plenty of goals in the Championship and will cost 3 or 4M this time next year, has youth on his side and a bit of pace, which Everton are badly in need of...............plus he'll be cheap.

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