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Zoltan Gera Linked With Everton!

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West Bromwich Albion midfielder Zoltan Gera is attracting the interest of a number of Premiership sides, according to reports in Hungary.


Everton, Charlton Athletic and Aston Villa are all thought to considering making a move for the Hungarian international following The Baggies' relegation to The Championship over the weekend.


West Brom signed the 27-year-old from Ferencvaros in the summer of 2004 for £1.5 million and despite all the rumours about his future, the midfielder does not want to comment on the speculation.


"I've heard that a few clubs have been linked with me, but I don't want to react to these rumours," Gera told his personal website.


"I have got used to the fact that you hear different information every day and most are far from reality.


"I had a similar period last year when everyone was guessing about a possible transfer, but I knew I'd stay.


"I am an employee of West Bromwich Albion, I've got a contract and because of this the only thing that matters is what my club say and want to do.


"So I ask everybody not to expect any comments from me about these rumours.


"I want to do my best on the pitch, I am glad I am healthy and I can play. That is the most important thing for me."


Source: Sky Sports News

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Sign him just for the merchandising oppo...!!!


Below Zarnoff & Zellner of the Zoltan Space Cult




........" ALL HAIL ZOLTAN "........


Dewd wheres my Football?




Are they covered in Bubblewrap to avoid career threatening injuries. ???????? :P

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No better than our current midfield!


The only mid player i would take from the relegated clubs is Pennant but there will be competition from all over for him.

pennent is staying at brum came from his own mouth today on sky sports ,saying they showed him loyalty last year over the court thing so hes gonna do the same. <_<

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Until a decent offer is lodged, David Gold Buckles & sells to recoup some of Bruce's Blunderous losses.


After all Club Patriarch Mr Gold does Hate footballers...( So logically 1 would invest his millions & run a football club... :mellow::blink::huh: ).


Can see this player ( not necs us) being pried away with a reasonable offer. If was your want, deffo worth testing the waters.


Personally not sure on this fella, Ability - Yes, Charcater - Hmmmm.

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