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Football Manager 2006 X-box

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Just got this for the x-box and figure that the players will be the same for the xbox andf the pc version so was looking for some guidance.


Doing alright 4th in the league and just about to qualify for the champions league need to get a cb or 2 and in desparate need of a cm as arteta and osman both seem to be not to good. finally also looking for a goal scorer as bt is ok but not great been searching around but budget is tight as usaul.


Please help!!

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If you dont have the budjet, try looking at young players or old players. You'll never be able to afford good players at their peak.


Paulo Vitti (indipendiente)

Lebohang Mokoena (Orlando Pirates)

Rivaldo (still good at Olympiakos)


Ben Watson is a decent player in the cm position.



try looking in holland and belgium for defenders. You'll find loads of good ones there.

Olivier Deschacht, Zuiverloon etc.

Pena from Villareal will give a two good seasons.

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add freddy guarin to that list, defensive mid with an absolute hell shot on him

and vanden borre who develops into the best right back in the world (his right column, physical are all like dark orange n red)



my 2 best things on footy manager are


Everton 2nd in my 1st season and winnin the league in 2nd season


and fiorentina again 2nd and winning next....also with fiorentina i went a full season 38 games and won them all, i went a total of 120 games unbeaten , and beat a team i nthe world club championships 24-0


torres tevez (with bojinov in rotation on the bench)



ronaldinho kaka sneijder




doesnt get much better than that ... i took them to best team i nthe world in liek 5 seasons or 6 iunno... but thats team cost soooooo much but then i was gettin a budget of liek 40 mi la season .... i got kaka to 45, sneijdr 12, torres 48, tevez 14, ronaldinho 26, mascherno 8


btw tevez has liek 14 shootin at the start, he had 20 on mine after 4 seasons, also liek 20 off the ball , hes absolutely gold, scored 9 or 12 (was a multiple of 3, comin to think i think it was 12) goals in my 24-0 win i think



but yeh =)

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Doing alright now just won the league with Everton in the 3rd season star players being zalayeta, chaill vanden borre and yobo. oh and I won the champions league in the first season 5-1 against barcelona in the final not sure how that happened though!!

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vanden borre is a gr8 signing on it, ive only got footy manager for pc but im top of the league, won the champ league every season ive been init same with league, won the f.a. cup twice, league cup 4 times, world cup =1 im also manager of england aswell as Everton

my line up:


borre terry senderous evra/ cole


ronaldinho helb joaquin

adrinao eto'o

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Just got it on the PSP. Not normally into managerment games but this one is quite good.


Cheers for the advice I have brouhgt Ben Watson and Borre.


Some of the players you mentioned are not on the PSP version.


Well I can't find them anyway

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Craccer what formation/tactic are you playing?

I am using a traditional 442 ith a direct passing, tackling normal tempo quick and closing down moved up a few notches with counter attack on seems to do me alright but would not mind trying your tactic as you seem to be doing well.

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Some advice if poss.


As I said don't normally play management games as prefer to play football (PES) but have been getting into CM06 on PSP (which I had to buy as part of the deal otherwise my other half said she would not allow me to buy it)




Gone through my first season and finished 12th.


But having real trouble scoring goals.


Brouht in a few players last season. Mixture of young and ones that people said were good.


Just brought Essien for £8m but my question is most prob a stupid one but is it worth spedning £15m on a striker.


The only one I can afford (with the wages as most that much want 30k per week) is Tevez (or tezev). Is he worth that amount of money or someone tell me who else will get me goals for less.


I play normally 4-42 at home (attacking style) and 4-5-1 away but always struggle to score goals. most go off target.


I have Beattie and Johnson and they only scored about 5-8 goals between them all season.


Also how do I set the training for the strikers to practice shootin.


I know there is alot of questions and sorry but since my other half plays it can't let her beat me.

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why buy essien, i finished 2nd 1st season with Everton .... u shudda got erm, veron ....

am accringto natm so i cant really think of any1 tht u need....lebohang mokoena, and freddy guarin try get them permits.... best DM is mascherano ... upfront sell beattie, buy tevez ermmmmm, tht shud do

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I got Guarin n a free I think as his contract was running out.


Who are the 2 under 19 players for Basle or were do I see if they from Brazil. They likely to be in the first team or youth or reserve.


Don't know why I brought Essien thought he would improve my midfield as was struggling to creat chances and when i did they kept missing them

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I brought Tevez finally for 15.5m and a couple of my players as the owners kept stopping the move as they didn't have enough players.


Have played a few games with him and he scored 2 minutes into his début but still struggleing to score goals.


Am play 4-5-1 and 4-4-2 but seem to keep getting beaten (even against wolves and teams like that)


Not sure what I am doing right.


team is




Hibbo (or Neville) Yobo Huth Valente


Arteta, Cahill, Essien, VDm



Also have some other players that I brought in on frees. One is a striker called Guzzium or something that is valued at £5.2m


I have loaned out some of my youth players to get them experience. Annich, Vaughen to name but two.


I have Beattie and AJ in reserve.


I have played it where I don't change any of the players runs or who hey feed the ball to and have also set up loads of runs and feeds but nothing really comes of it.

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