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No No No!

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Think we should be safe from that one we already have neville and carsley in the Dm position as well as arteta and cahill that play in the centre. Although saying that dm was after him last year so a year of dithering is about the right length of time.

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I can see there being some truth in this one as we seem to have an abundance of creativity fo a change in midfield but we have no "govenor" and i think although not a priority we do need it. Think of the bonus with and additional midfielder and harry hill back we wouldnt have to play zinadeine kilbane!!


We do however have more pressing priorities such as attack, central defence & goalkeeper before we go spending more.


Not sure about Butt but i'm not saying no!

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Agree with fish here we would be a welcome addition to our squad good experience he has not been given a chance at toon nor at Brum. Think he is better than alot of our midfield to be honest and still has alot to offer and prove. Given this transfer if true should only go through once GK,DEF, DEF and STR have been signed though.


I would be made up with






and Curtis Davis..


Yobo stays also Weir, Stubbs and Farrari all leave as does Dunc and Teflon

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Was just coming on here to post the same.


Midfield is one part that we don't seem to bad on unless certain players are leaving


totally disagree our midfield is shocking .... 1 man midfield no doubt... if arteta doesn't play its pathetic.... there is absolutely no1 in our midfield who can pass a ball and keep it on the ground, no creativity , the ball ends up gettin hoofedall the time we need so many players


neville = not godo enuff

cahill - goal scorin midfielder if he isnt scorin hes useless

arteta- quality, he must think what on earth am i doing here

kilbane- wank, simple as

osman - good little player but still too light weight and not really good enough yet

davies - worst player ive seen in a long time

vdm - injured, constantly, but when hes back hes a good play im confident of him

carsley - will never be back to what he was


id like to see arca for left mid, and nolan wud be great for center ...


if we cant replace neville just yet then fine but arca and nolan, or some1 liek tht our midfield suddenly has class

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