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Help Aaron Give Up Smoking Thread

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Aaron has been trying to give up smoking, see his post and my reply from the longest thread below


QUOTE (aaron @ May 20 2009, 11:48 PM)

They wont mate, dont worry.

Ive quit smoking again, wish me luck! Although the thought of black lungs and staying here instead of on holiday this summer are a major willpower to stop.


Aaron, you have never quit smoking, if you had you wouldn't be trying again mate. Look at some of the things I have at present, a fair bit of my health problems can be put down to being a heavy smoker although I gave up years ago (twenty to be exact). I gave up by talking to a packet of fags and telling them that they wouldn't beat me, I hated the bloody things and I went from 40 a day plus smoker to zero overnight, it hurt like hell and initiallty it got worse even now I still have a slight yearning for the bloody things.................................................give them up lad or they will KILL you mate, its your decision


Do any of you have any ideas how we can help him give it up once and for all

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Cutting down on drinking while you try to give up is a good idea. I always found that I would always start smoking again after i'd had a few pints.


Also take the amount of money you would usually spend on ciggies in a week. Keep it in a jar. Then you will realise how much money you are spending.


Good luck, it aint easy. I find cold turkey worked best for me, though its different for everyone.

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Did it with patches, incentive being that we were told Josh had asthma which meant we'd be harming his health as well as our own if we carried on, so the wife and I both gave up on his 5th birthday. Lots of fruit and was over the worst after three or four days.

Still times when I crave one nearly eight years later.

And happily it turned out Josh didn't have asthma at all, just restricted breathing due to over-large tonsils and adenoids....whipped them out and he was fine.

Wife started smoking again after about eighteen months :rolleyes: . No stamina women :lol: .


Anyway, my main tip for stopping would be do it with someone else, and the money thing Jamie said...we did that too.

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Aaron!........why bother giving up?


Look at the things you've got to look forward to.


Bad breath.

Yellow teeth and fingers.

Clothes that stink.

Your house or flat will smell like an ash tray.

Total waste of money.

Your penis will shrink....just ask jimmy.

your blood supply to your shrinking penis will be restricted.

You increase your chances of an early death.

you have to go outside pubs to smoke.....and your mates will talk about you while your gone and chat up your girlfriend!

You run the risk of ruining your childrens health......if smoking hasn't ruined your chances of having kids.


BUT way that up against......looking really cool holding that fag!!


PS both of my parents smoked and died of lung cancer.....doesn't just make your lungs go black and give you a nasty cough, and you die in your sleep.........it travels around your body and does terrible things to you.......and your of an age where if you get lung cancer in 20 years time, no one will feel sorry for you.....they will say you knew the risks.


Hope that helps you stop :)

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This is actually a massive help, having people behind supporting you is a big step in the right direction so instead of just me quiting anyone else on here who smokes use this as a way to quit, ive went since sunday without needing one. Im planning on keeping it that way.

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Never been near cigarrettes for the reason that people have brought up in this thread. They are a total waste of money and time. It seems an un-intelligent idea to spend hard earned money killing yourself. You could say that life it too short, so live how you want, the fact with smoking is that it will make life fuckin' short. I have heard all the stories about lung cancer and blocked arteries. Seen the pictures and it's all bloody awful.


Best option is to quit Aaron, glad your doing well. Good Luck with your progress, let us know how you get on without the nasty buggers. ;) #


Also take the amount of money you would usually spend on ciggies in a week. Keep it in a jar. Then you will realise how much money you are spending.


That jar will fill up quick, how much are they know per packet? Something sky rocketing :mellow:

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Worst part about it is my mother doesnt know i smoked, she wouldnt be happy and tell me to stop but thats it as she smokes herself, made it through last a heavy drinking session last night without one =D


If you are with people who smoke it is ten times harder mate, try telling your mum and just may be she'll try stopping with you. If you get cold turkey you are likely to be snapping at things round the house, its better if she knows Aaron

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here's an interesting bit of information : (it's true for belgium i don't know if it translates to UK)


if you add up what the average smokers pays society through taxes on their cigarettes and the money society saves because smokers don't live as long and you don't have to pay pensions to them into their 80's .. and then subtract the amount of money for the hospital bills that society contributes, you get that smokers actually make society richer..


if we all started smoking we'd close the budget deficit! :D .


(for the record i'm an occasional smoker doing all i can to keep belgium from going bankrupt).





other than that : good luck aaron.

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no idea how your mum didn't suss ya. i used to go to the pub for an hour and come back and my mum would ask me, and i didn't even smoke. don't really have much of an excuse these days.


i'm thankful i'm not addicted to anything (bar the old ham shank/tommy tank) i am quite fond of the odd cigar and would hate to give that up

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