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Roland Juhász

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CB that can score some goals ... Very good in the air, good tackler .. The thing I like best about his game is his buildup play, he doesn't just hoof it .. Only considerable downside that I see is his speed.. He needs a fast defender next to him because in the open space he's gonna get beat.


I wouldn't go above 4million but he'd be a very good back-up for Yobo-Jags and could even get Yobo back to the bench. (on the asumption Lescott leaves).

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I've heard that he's good in Belgium but wouldn't be much good here. I suppose at a cheap price it would be a small gamble but as back up I don't see it as a huge problem.


I can't see Anderlecht accepting a low fee though.


Aston Villa originally wanted to offer 5.6m euro .. The overall sentiment in Belgian press when that came out was that Anderlecht would be very lucky to get that much.


As said, I'd think he'd be a good bench player for us. Not that much of a gamble, you pretty much know what you're getting. No more than 4m euro tho, preferably somewhere from 2-3 but as you said, that might it make it difficult for Anderlecht to let him go because of the previous Villa rumors.

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Hm, I'm not sure about him. always decent, but hard to predict how he would do in the PL.



I'm sure he is a decent player... but come on.. can we really accept a player that forever will be called ROOOOLLLLAAAANNNDDD like the chubby lad in Grange Hill....


Him and Fanni.... good grief, all we need is that bloke Raphael Shite and we have a right trio! :-)

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Hasn't got what it takes ... uses his physical presence to stand out in Belgium but once he's up against an decent striker, he's absolutely nowhere! Everytime Anderlecht played in the CL he made an awfull performance!


Believe me! This is not the defender you're looking for, not by a long shot!



BTW: Villa scouted him, when Anderlecht played Standard for the title(it doesn't get any better in Belgium than this for the moment! Next year it'll be different) and as always when the level of football goes up ... Roland's level goes down ... and what do you know ... Villa suddenly weren't interested anymore!



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I agree with 234ever, i'm not that big of a fan as well, altough i don't watch the Belgium league that much.

We could better sign Onyewu from Standard Liege, much better defender, and if am right, the price of Onyewu is lower then Juhasz's


as it should be, in my opinion ..


but I think we really should be looking at players from a better league .. OK the likes of Defour would fare well anywhere, but the overall level op play in the league is so low it's really not a good measure of how good a player is .. Anderlecht didn't play in Europe last year so it's really hard to know what Juhasz is actually capable of against good players week in week out.


Moyes waited to pull the trigger on Fellaini only after he saw that he can succeed in Europe as well, after all he had been following him for a while but never against good sides.

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