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Film Quiz


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How many titles are we after mate?


That Virgin Records one messed us all up for over a week....Wiked concept these.


EDIT: No mind is amazing what one finds when reads... :blink: ..is 100 Film Titles.

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Rightyo I mailed this to work 2 today & poor old Patrick stevedores paid one a fulls day's work for trying to nut this out.... my superior even aproached with the old are you gonna do any work today machoism to which i showed him what I was up to & he spent a good 45 mins sat there guessin 2..lol..Addicitve as....& gota love the Ausiie work ethic.


Heres what I got so far..many are prob wrong.


1 Bend it like B

2 Toy stry

3 21 grms

4 saw 2

5 mona lisa smiles

6 domnio effect

7 clockwork orange

8 Hand that rocks the cradle

9 Bull fighter

10 seven

11 taxi driver

12 dances wif wolves

13 broken arrow

14 The birds / flock of seagulls

15 castles in the air / kingdom of heavan

16 titanic

17 pink panther

18 ghost

19 boomerang

20 sword fish

21 toy soldiers

22 flipper

23 scropion king

24 the rock

25 twister

26 xxx

27 beetlejuice

28 green eggs & ham

29 cocktail

30 zulu

31 tears of the sun

32 jar head

33 1 hr photo

34 bad snata

35 anaconda

36 13 days

37 the fly

38 red dragon

39 hook

40 napolean dynamite

42 chocolate

43 american grafitti

44 blazing saddles

45 4 weds & funeral

46 crash

47 the shadow

48 stealth

49 the dish

50 the crow

51 the eagle ahs landed

52 chicken run

53 the ring

54 manequin

55 casino

56 the hummingbird

57 man on the moon

58 silver bullet

59 green card

60 shark tale

61 revolver

62 The lion, the wicth & the wrdrobe

63 blade

64 cake

65 phone booth

66 lock stock & 2 smkin barells

67 sniper

68 out of africa

69 barbed wire

70 twin peaks

71 time cop

72 monkey grip/blood orchid

73 chopper

74 Beethoven

75 the jacket

76 anchor me

77 tin cup

78 the pacifier

79 S.W.A.T

80 Flight Plan

81 mask of zorro

82 my left foot/undertoe

83 snake eyes

84 Eye of the tiger

85 the black hole

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Not sure if this is a bit obscure but there is a classic japanese anime by Hayao Miyazaki the guy who directed Spirited Away (It won an Oscar a couple of years ago) called Castle In the Sky guess that could be one. But maybe Kingdom of Heaven is more realistic for a mainstream quiz

oh and the money pit bottom left think that cake may be layer cake too the elephant man the hole maybe too....


umm thats it I'm going to bed anyway

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