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Li Tie

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lol he wasn't the best player, made some good crunching tackles and that was about it! but not good ebough, looks like he will be going to Sheff Utd and thats means we will see him and play againts us! Brought the Business from China i supose!

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In the one season when we didnt own him he was ok didn't set the world alight and couldn't shoot for shit but he wasn't a bad player he was a tidy footballer who could play a decent pass I reckon he must have had q a few assists in that first season. After he signed for us he became crocked and has been unfit ever since really. But loads of you are saying he is shite etc I never thought he was that bad just an average player. I mean season before last Carsley played well but before that he was pretty shite. I'm not Tie's hugest fan but just cos he was crocked doesn't mean he was totally shite I mean we have lots of other average players no worse than tie Carsley Naysmith Pistone Davies :(

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