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my thoughts are that he will be a Premiership player next season. Will it be with us or another club who knows, but again I think as we have put in a lot of work in the past it will hold us in good stead chasing his signiture.


I think £2M raising is a decent bit of business as he is so young.


Next seasons strike force could well be:


Beattie 28 years old

Andrew Johnson - 25 years old

Nugent - 21 years old

McFadden -23 years old

Vaughan - 17 years old

Anichebe - 18 years old

Spencer - 17 years old


Could be a huge amount of potential in the striking options next season and immediate future.

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i seen some hightlights of the lad the other day, he looks the part - i would definalty take him for that price


lookin at that list from rob it does look pretty impressive, competition for places is what we need and we will have that in abudence if everything goes right :D

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id rather have CJ than Nuge, but id be happy with either if we get AJ too!

we do need more options, look at boro, they may not be the best team, but they can score goals, Jimmy Flloyd, Viduka, Yakubu. upto arsenal, Henry, Bergkamp, Van Persie, Reyes. you need back up and if we have that list next season competition and potential will be higher than for a long time!

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1 season tho, more than half pens... will he score in a team that plays defensive and has no creativity? doubt it least with some1 like CJ u got more pace and may not b amazin yet but he is like 19 yrs old, hell get a lot better and can make things happen.... who scored more in the championship this year? the england squad 'proven striker' or cardiff's jerome, who i dnt think takes pens either...hmmmmm just a thought

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Nugent would be a good addittion especially as the lad's an Evertonian thru and thru!!!! In the next few years were going to have so many options up front im actually quite excited about it!! :rolleyes:


Beattie, Vaughan, Anichebe and another two would be nice!! A small quick striker is a must, and another battering ram is needed, just wondering if Sutton will be approached for next season??

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