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Life Begins At 40 Foz


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Fozzie, fozzie, fozzie... 40th year as a Blue eh, Now with all that said I could all but only provide you with a mature gift, somehting that says uno youre a settled man & past all the Birthday hype.


So this year mate I hope you enjoy & have plenty of use for this no fail system"ANTI CAR THEFT DEVICE"...I had especialy shipped over form Detriot for



Psstt dont eat all ya cake @ once either.




All the way From Deeeetroit michigaaaan Just for you foz.


"The Detroit 40+ Anti Car Theft System"




Wanted one for me self mate, however you can imagine the cost of Shiiping to the Uk form Detroit, I darent even consider the shiiping costs on that unit to down under..!!!


Ill no doubt have to get a crappy New Zealand version or sumfin.

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Guest fozzie22

Aww i'm feeling all warm and fuzzy inside :) ..


TBH i had a great day,doing what i wanted to do,not was expected to do by other people,i never wanted a big fuss made about it and i got my way in the end and frankly i had a cracking day becuase of it :)


weird thing though i was dreading today,but now its all over i feel relief at it,the end of the world hasnt happened,my teeth are still there and the world hasnt fallen in.


Now if only i could rid Everton of BK.....(sorry had to do it :) )

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