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Mr Charlton!


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Years ago when Eddie Charlton was the best snooker player in the world, he went on a tour of Australia.

Every club he went to there was a beautiful young woman avidly watching his every move.

After a week or so Eddie approached her and asked why she was following him around the country.

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Shit! What happened?


To continue.............

"it's because I love you so much". she replied.

Seeing an opening Eddie said "Would you like to come up to my room?"

"Oh yes Mr Charlton" she gasped.

Once in the room she began to undress & panted "Oh Mr Charlton, I really DO

love it doggy style", placed herself on all fours & braced herself.

After a minute or so of no action, she turned to Eddie & said, "Mr Charlton,

is there anything wrong?"

Eddie stood thoughtfully for a moment and said, " I can't decide whether to go for the pink or the brown!"

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