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Ferrari Injury Blow???


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Having real trouble with my PC. Won't let me get into the Everton website.


Would be gratefull if anyone could tell me what it says and for how long he might be out.

says that he has a minor ankle injury and wont play against Birmingham (too soon) - but it will be alright after that.

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Guest fozzie22
It says that kilbane will be the natural choice!


I would play neville there and start VDM and Cahill with Davies and Arteta. (or Osman for Davies).

Yup couldnt agree more mate,neville is surely the natural chioce for left back.

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The problem with not playing Kilbane there is that it means you have to play Neville there and can't afford to take him out of the midfield. Play Kilbane left back and VDM on left wing

Disagree - we have plenty of central midfielders that can cover for Neville's position in the holding role.


And the holding role doesnt work that well in a 4-4-2 formation - yet neville still sits back - just infront of the back 4.


I think that Moyes should put neville at left back and have a midfield of




It is very attacking but is exactly what we need.

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I am afraid I am with Adam.


Having Nellive's steel and decent distrobution using 4-4-2 is a must, I would rather see Killa at left back.


Left back is probabley Neville's worst positon, so to an extent is therefore wasted. At least with Killa playing LB the rest of the team, particularly our center backs, will be more than aware of killa's lack of experience in that position, and should therfore have one eye on covering him or at least be alert to the potential dangers and cover as required.


Using neville at LB could give the rest of the squad a false sence of security.


just a thought.

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Guest fozzie22

Truth of the matter is this,the whole player shortage has come home to roost


So what we signed 8 players in the summer,we needed 12 or more,the squads been bum humped by DM and the board(or maybe he was under instructions from the board) and its come home to roost


We dont have the sqaud to do much this season,other than fight relegation,wwe got lucky last year with injurys but its all sadly caught up with us now.

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I'm not so sure about the 12 players talk.


I think that Moysey has brought in some good players - my only problem with his transfer dealings is that he failed to bring another striker.


Arteta is a great signing

Ferrari is a great signing


Valente, VDM, Kroldrup have the markings of a set of great signings.


I think that we are cutting Moyes and the board down because they didnt secure the signature of a decent striker.


Although proving detrimental - I am glad that he didn't sign Forssell!


We have to get on with it - the squd is as it is and we cant improve it until January - and we dont want to wait until then!

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just a little known fact about kroldrup is that he plays on the left center in defence.


could we start him on the left and cope with weir for this one game

:) hmmm.


not sure about that - he is right footed...


For udinese he played on the right (as in centre back) but for us, pre-season, MOyes had him playing in Weir's role.


He is also taller than Dunc so we would lose the advantage on the crosses if he was playing wing back.


No - for me, Neville has to be the choice.


But it wont happen that way. :lol:

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I would look at playing Yobo there. He has the pace and am sure he will manage there for a game or 2. Could most prob handle Pennent as well. Play Koldrup and Weir in the middle and Yobo on the left. he likes to get forward as well

Yobo at right back - yes

Yobo at left back - no...


He is good in the air and rarely loses out in a tackle so CB is his best position.


He makes mistakes - but then Weir is far worse.


Still think that Neville is the only option for LB.


Then that frees up a space in midfield for Osman or Davies to fill.

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