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Not Interested In England

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winning the wolrd cup.


can you imagine...







trying to flog you (us) products for the next 30 years.


As for 'sir' beckham, perish the thought.


italy or holland for me.


brazil have shown how they keep important sporting artifacts

myself and the gerries have ireconsilable differences

i would rather the french win it than the argies


All said and done, football has changed, it no longer has the credibility and honour associated with...


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Owens top bananas said.........


can you imagine...








Just the mention of those players, along with.........................


Paul Robinson

John Terry

Ashley Cole

Frank Lampard

Ferdinand and Campbell.


Makes you realize how many top class players we have in the England Squad.


If we dont actually win it, we should come very very close.

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This is how that tripe read to me..Flashback....World war 2 Breaks out...Winning this war can you imagine.




The Rats...



Trying to flog us freedom for the next 50 yrs


As for Lord Monty...Perish the thought.


Germany, Japan or Italy for me.


Japan have shown how they keep important  artifacts

myself and  MY SELF have ireconsilable differences

i would rather the french win it as they have such a proud & long hsitory of being obliterated but ide hate for the Argies to win a war thyere not even in.


All said and done, Im a  gormless twat that is insular & refuses to change, I no longer have any  credibility and honour.


Sorry peeps, but this I cant be assed with England shiotes me madly.( except non English peeps o course)


Heres a Fella who claims to have ireconsilable with Germany & a healthy despise for Argentina..>Funny that would be the TWO NATIONS we have had a direct Miltary conflict with in history.


But then cant be assed with England, nationalistic views form a non nationalist.....confused, I bet he is.


All I cans ay is that world War 3 broke out tommorrow I woundt want U int he trenches with me.


Likely to consider Mussolini & Hitler to have more flair & be on them...Arghhh ive had enough anyway.


Comin on slagging the national team but week's before tournamnet.


you poor insular prik.


As anyone ones always entitled to an opinion, byt hypocrites shouldnt throw stones in glass houses.


oh by the way, welcome back ........... :blink::huh::rolleyes:


DISCALIMER: Care factor 2 Grammar & Spelling in this rant as always = 0

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