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Simon Jordan

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After all his efforts to keep AJ...his reputation as a hard man doing everything he can to get Palace back into the Premier League. Looks like he's gonna throw it all away....




Jordan's clearly lost his mind :D , I wouldn't let that man (Souness) run my lads' school team. How many times does he need to fail before people stop paying him huge amounts of money to create chaos and conflict?

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My Uncle is a season ticket holder at Palace and he believes (quite rightly as he is a cock) that Souness would be a totally wrong appointment from Jordan (TANGO MAN) and that they should take a chance on a manager from teh lower divisions such as Martin Allen (Brentford).


His reason was that he found Dowie predictable in the transfer market and lacking inspiration and Souness (as we well know) was very similar and just waited to see who other clubs bid for and then copied, also the players hate him. Wheras Allen had the foresight to bring DJ Campbell from non-league and ended up making Brentford a mint within a year when they sold him to Birmingham.


He wants someone proactive not reactive in the market seems fair.

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I think he was happy with the way that Dowie managed the players just thought he was poor in the market, like some peoples view of Moye's. although he thought that was lost in the second leg against Watford as they were 3-0 down and hardly attacked, on the whole think Palace fans were happy with Dowie as a manager just not a negotiator/inspirationalist

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completly disagree with this, Simon has done his best for us, and he is a true legend in my eyes, there would be no palace if it wasnt for him.


As for Souness, he would get us up, but i would prefer Peter Taylor, maybe we can sign aj back

thats your opinion mine is souness is a plum and jordan is desperate to take this bloke :(

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