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Everton Tour Usa

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So Everton are touring the US again. very good, except well real madrid Ac milan etc, they play friendlies in New york and Chicago, And Some Lose Angeles, Everton, where do we play,


OHIO! :lol::lol:



:lol: So all of Cletus and his family Will Be Everton Fans YEEEHAW





sensible idea, or stupid buisness touring Middle America.


if anyone is confused about how Soccer support will be shared out. i'll draw a map.

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President of the Official Ohio EFCsupporters Club




Me n maaa Hog's caint wait till you good folk hoe on down, shooot I could let fly a few rounds now.... yeeehaaa Skeet Skeet....


A little about my self, ma name is Marland , I like Hog's, Bill Ray Cirus, Beef jerky, Hog's, Millers , fries, Orio cookies, Everton Fc ( Fire arms club), Hog's & shooting Cans.


And ya nooo guys I aint god damned fussy with the Can's ya all understand...ill shoot god damned any Cans...Mexi-cans, Puerto - Rican's, Texi - Can's....Skeet Skeet....... :o:o:o

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Think we are trying to build up a bit of a partnership with US soccer with these trips apparently its exploding big time over there now and becomming one of the most commonly played sports for pre highschool kids.


Future talent and the possibility of feeder clubs, we could be actually doing something about building a proper youth system for the future. I would love Everton to lead the way and develope a proper academy before chelsea do it and have all the best kids and the money to buy anyone they missed.

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